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Free Identity Verification Form Template

This verification form can be used to verify the identity of an individual while they upload their important documents. With this form, you can also collect contact information and all the other necessary information. Start verifying identities with forms today.

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Free Identity Verification Form Template template



Collect Digital Signature From Any Device

Signature is personal and unique to every individual, and as such, is one of the most important things when verifying identity. Therefore, you need a form field that lets you collect respondents' signature

With Formplus, respondents can easily add their signature to the identity verification form from any device without hassle. Formplus' electronic signature is so easy to use that it feels like signing on paper forms. 

Just that this time, you get to save paper and save the planet!

Data Visualization and Reports

You can export the information collected from respondents and save it on your local storage or cloud in different formats. It could be saved as pdf, CSV, etc.

If you have a Google drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox account, you can save your data directly to these cloud storage platforms, use the Formplus cloud storage, or save to your device. 

Share Across Platforms

Take your identity verification forms directly to respondents' doorsteps, no matter where they live—online or offline. You can create a shareable link to your form and share to any online platform—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, email, etc.

Another option is to embed the identity verification form on your website, then redirect respondents to other sections of your website, after submission. Not only can you do all that, but you can also download the form link as a QR code, then share offline.

This could be on a banner, flyer, souvenirs, etc.

Secure Respondents' Information

The type of information collected during identity verification is private and needs to be kept safe from any third party who may want to have access to the information. Therefore, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is automatically enabled for your identity verification form.

SSL will make sure that all the information collected through your identity verification form is secure every time by encrypting the information. That way, only you and the respondents are aware of the information that is being passed through the verification forms.

Be rest assured that even the Formplus team does not have access to this information.

Showcase Your Brand With Formplus Forms

Verifying identity for a personal project or on behalf of another organization? Then, you need to showcase your brand in the process because it is a good marketing practice. 

Showcase your brand by using its logo, background image, color, name, font, etc. Formplus allows you to tweak how these things are placed on the form.

You can even customize the link to the identity verification form such that it carries your brand name. Not only can you customize your verification form using Formplus features, but you can also add a custom CSS to the form.

Collaborate with other team members

Different members of your team may be in charge of particular aspects of identity verification. Therefore, they may need to have access to the responses simultaneously so as to fast track the identity verification process.

That is why Formplus has a Teams & Collaboration feature that allows you to add team members who are in charge of identity verification. You can add multiple users to your account and have them collaborate to identify different parts of a respondent's identity.

Team member A may verify the National Identity Card while B may verify the signature.

Automatically Send Messages to Respondents

After verifying a respondent's identity through the identity verification form, you can automatically send  messages to the respondent. This can be used to inform them of the success of the identity verification process and keep them in the loop.

Formplus lets you automatically send custom messages to respondents with email. Therefore, you can save time that would have been used to manually compose messages to each respondent.  

You can also automatically send a reminder to respondents who are halfway into filling the identity verification form.

Allow Respondents Upload Their Documents

The general form fields may not be enough to get the required information needed to verify an individual's identity. You may need to collect attachments like National Identity Card, National Passport, Driver's Licence, photos, resume, etc.

Therefore, we have created an upload field that allows the respondent to upload files of any size when filling the identity verification form. These files can be easily segmented by naming the attachment received from the respondent.

Formplus File upload is flexible, meaning that you can collect different types of file formats (.pdf, .jpg, .png, .pptx, etc.).

Verify Respondents' Identity In Few Easy Steps

With Formplus' drag and drop functionality, identity verification just got easier. In just a few easy steps, you can create an identity verification form that will help you collect all the relevant data you need to identify an individual.

This free identity verification form template collects contact information, documents, signature, and many more. You can also create your own identity verification form  by dragging and dropping form fields in the form builder.

After which you can save your forms and immediately share it with potential respondents. All these can be done in just a matter of seconds.

Verify Selected Individuals

You can control who is able to fill your identity verification form by making it private. Only those who you grant access can fill the identity verification form. 

Perform identity verification on your team members using Formplus private forms by adding them to your Formplus account as team members. When your identity verification form is made private, the only way team members can view the form and make submissions is if you grant them access to do so. 

That way, you get to control those who are verified and can only verify selected team members. 

Fast Identity Verification Process

Respondents are mostly in a hurry, and therefore want their identity verified as soon as possible. This is why Formplus has made sure that you receive an email notification immediately a respondent submits their form entry.

That way, the team member in charge of identity verification will be notified immediately and begin the verification process . All you have to do is to add a team member to your account, then add them to the list of collaborators who receive updates on the Identity verification form.  

Gain Real-Time Insights on Submissions

Gain real-time insights on the respondents verifying their identity through your identity verification form. You can also study respondents' behavior and create visual reports.

The form analytics dashboard displays information about the number of people who submitted an identity verification request, the number of people who viewed the form, form abandonment rate, and their location. 

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