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Household Income Survey Template

The household income survey is a questionnaire that helps to understand and evaluate the financial status of an individual. This survey can be used by businesses and researchers to find the perfect target audience. The information gotten from the research can be used for product-pricing, branding and so on. Get started with this form today.

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Household Income Survey Template template

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Formplus’ survey form templates are your one-stop solution for offline and online data collection. With our survey forms, you not only have the option of collecting data, but our in-depth analytics features also allow you to have your data processed and analyzed in a way that can illustrate results at a glance. 

Whatever your specialty, HR or education, business researchers or marketing professionals, there is a survey form template for you to help you get started. There are also advanced options, like validation, geolocators, seamless team collaboration, and integration with credible software solutions, alongside the option to tweak any of the survey templates to include other fields based on your specification. 

What is a Survey Form?

A survey form is a document that has a series of questions arranged sequentially or otherwise to gain insight into an individual's perspectives concerning a product, or process or for the aim of just a clear understanding of a particular subject or process. Survey forms are usually administered for research or professional purposes and the objective is always insight into another person's perspective. The data collected from survey forms are then analyzed in other to reach a valid conclusion. 

A Survey in Research Example

This refers to when an organization seeks to find out more about the experiences of people with a particular software or new feature on their website. In this case, a survey is created and administered for research, which is to gain insight into the experiences of the users when interacting with the website or new features. 

What are the Types of Survey Forms?

The mode of administration is used to differentiate the various types of surveys administered, which are online survey forms, meaning the survey was administered online. Paper surveys which mean that the survey forms were distributed physically, filled, and returned to the researcher.

Telephone surveys, implying that the survey was conducted over the phone and the responses were recorded by the researcher into the survey form and one-of-one interview surveys to mention a few.

The method of administration is what defines the type of survey form templates suitable for research. Here is a list of some types of survey forms;

  • Multiple choice  survey form
  •  Rating scale survey form
  •  Likert scale survey from
  •  Matrix survey form
  •  Dropdown survey form
  •  Open-ended survey form

How Do I Create a Free Survey Form?

To create a free survey form, follow the following steps

Step 1: Sign up to Formplus for free or login to your account to get started

Step 2: Choose from the various options of the survey from templates based on your unique preference

Step 3: Edit the survey form template you have selected with our code-free drag-and-drop form builder

Step 4: Save your form and share via integration with your online channel, via an email link, a QR code, or any of our advanced sharing options.

In 4 quick easy steps, your free survey form is ready to use.


With Formplus creating your survey forms is quick and easy and with advanced features that include in-depth analytics, you can analyze the data collected via survey forms in real-time.

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