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House Cleaning Estimate Form Template

The house cleaning estimate form is a financial tool that is used to calculate the average cost to clean a house. With this form, clients can fill out their house layout, size, preferred service and frequency to determine the cost. This cleaning estimate can be tailored to suit your needs and style by using Formplus simple editing tools. Get started with this estimate form today.

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House Cleaning Estimate Form Template template

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Tips For Using the House Cleaning Estimate Form Template

What is a House Cleaning Estimate Form?

A house cleaning estimate form is a document that is used by cleaning service providers to assess and provide cost estimates for their cleaning services. It is a standardized form that outlines the details of the cleaning job, the scope of work, and the estimated cost. The form serves as a crucial tool for both the cleaning service provider and the client in establishing clear expectations and ensuring transparency in the pricing process.

What is the Importance of a House Cleaning Estimate Form?

The house cleaning estimate form holds significant importance for both the cleaning service provider and the client. For the service provider, it helps in accurately estimating the cost of the cleaning job based on the specific requirements of the client. It ensures that all relevant factors are considered, such as the size of the house, the type of cleaning required, and any additional services requested.

For the client, the estimate form provides a clear breakdown of the costs involved and enables them to make an informed decision. It helps them understand what they can expect from the cleaning service and avoid any misunderstandings or surprises regarding pricing. The form also acts as a legally binding agreement between both parties, ensuring that both the client and the service provider are protected.

What is Included in a House Cleaning Estimate Form?

A house cleaning estimate form typically includes various sections and details to ensure clarity and accuracy. The form may include:

  1. Contact Information: This section includes the client's name, address, phone number, and email address, as well as the cleaning service provider's contact details.
  2. Job Description: Here, the specific details of the cleaning job are outlined, including the type of cleaning required (regular cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, etc.), the number of rooms or areas to be cleaned, and any special instructions or requests.
  3. Scope of Work: This section describes the tasks that will be performed during the cleaning process. It may include general cleaning tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and mopping, as well as specific tasks like window cleaning or carpet cleaning if requested.
  4. Pricing and Cost Breakdown: The estimate form includes a breakdown of the costs involved, including the base price for the cleaning service, any additional services requested, and any discounts or promotions applied. It also includes the total estimated cost for the job.
  5. Terms and Conditions: This section outlines the terms of service, payment terms, cancellation policy, and any other relevant terms and conditions that both parties need to agree upon.

What are the Advantages of a House Cleaning Estimate Form?

There are several advantages of using a house cleaning estimate form:

  1. Clarity and Transparency: The form ensures that both the client and the service provider have a clear understanding of the scope of work and the associated costs.
  2. Avoiding Misunderstandings: By detailing the specific requirements and tasks involved, the form helps to prevent misunderstandings and ensures that the client's expectations are met.
  3. Professionalism: Using a standardized estimate form demonstrates professionalism and reliability on the part of the cleaning service provider, enhancing their credibility.
  4. Legal Protection: The form serves as a written agreement between the client and the service provider, protecting both parties in case of any disputes or disagreements.

How to Create a House Cleaning Estimate Form Using the Formplus Template

Formplus is an online form builder that provides templates for various purposes, including house cleaning estimate forms. Here's how you can create a house cleaning estimate form using the Formplus template:

  1. Visit the Formplus website and sign up for an account.
  2. Once logged in, select the "House Cleaning Estimate Form" template.
  3. Customize the form by adding your company logo, adjusting the fields as needed, and modifying the terms and conditions section to match your business policies.
  4. Include sections for contact information, job description, scope of work, pricing and cost breakdown, and terms and conditions.
  5. Preview the form to ensure everything looks correct and make any necessary adjustments.
  6. Save the form and generate a shareable link or embed it on your website for clients to access.


A house cleaning estimate form is an essential tool for cleaning service providers and clients alike. It ensures clarity, transparency, and professionalism in the pricing process. Clearly outlining the details of the cleaning job and the associated costs in the form helps avoid misunderstandings, protect both parties and establish a strong foundation for a successful cleaning service agreement. Using a template like Formplus makes it easy to create a customized estimate form that meets your specific needs.

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