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Free Hotel Reservation Form Template

Are you having a hard time trying to find a Hotel Reservation form template? This Hotel Reservation form helps to make booking online easier as your customers can pay through any of various payment gateways - PayPal,Paystack and Flutterwave. Customize this template now.

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Free Hotel Reservation Form Template template

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Publish Your Hotel Reservations Forms Online

Once you are done creating your online form, publish it to your website by embedding it. You can set it to appear as iframe or as a popup whenever the page is visited. You can also share the Hotel Reservation Form by publishing on social media platforms - Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter so you can receive reservations from anywhere. Don’t forget to include a welcome message so visitors have more information about your services.

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Customize your Hotel Reservation Form

Personalize your hotel reservation form in no time, with no stress. Use the drag and drop editor to modify and adjust form fields, add logo; basically, anything that talks about your brand. Colors tell stories just as logos do and with the Form Customization feature on the Hotel Reservation Form, you can change the background colors, form colors, font colors, themes to relate well with your brand color. Formplus is also flexible in that it allows you add your own form CSS for more customization.

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Notify Guests About Bookings

Upon submission of the Hotel Reservation Form, you can send out a customized notice of confirmation to your guest’s inbox. This helps to keep your customers in the loop pending the time they check in to the hotel.

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Tips for Using the Hotel Reservation Form Template

Get regular bookings online with this simple hotel reservation form. Start by modifying this template with the easy drag and drop editor. You can use it to collect more information or take out some fields in the current template. For example, add multiple payment options to collect booking fees directly on this form. Next, choose to switch up the form design using any of the preset themes available. 

Embed this form directly on your website, so that prospective clients can easily access it whenever they need to. Set up a form autoresponder so there can be a booking confirmation. You can also turn on email notifications to get a summary of how many people booked online in a week or month. Save the responses you get with the secure form storage or integrate Formplus with your management system. 

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