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Free Hospital Discharge Form Template

Avoid data loss in healthcare service by using this hospital discharge form template to let patient or next of kin' sign discharge papers online. This online discharge form helps hospitals reduce dependent on papers and make clinic data readily available to professionals at the click of a button. Sign-up to start using our hospital discharge form template.

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Free Hospital Discharge Form Template template



Create Hospital Discharge Forms With Ease

Formplus allows you to create hospital discharge forms with this easy to use template. You can discharge your patients on time without hassle and having to deal with a bunch of papers.

This form can be filled by the patient's guardian or representative after they have completed their treatment in your hospital. 

You do not need to have programming knowledge to use this hospital discharge form template. Simply sign up, customize and share this form with patients

Build Beautiful forms

Stay true to your hospital's identity with Formplus' forms by adding your desired font, logo, colors, and images. You can even add a custom CSS to the forms to better tailor it to your brand.

The link to your hospital discharge form can also be customized so that it portrays a welcoming image.

Prefilled Forms

Using form prefill allows you to pre-populate forms with URL parameters. This will help save a lot of time and the signatory will only need to tender his or her signature so that the patient can be discharged.

You can create a prefilled hospital discharge form template by using the prefill tool to generate a custom prefilled URL for each patient. Share the prefilled link with the signatory and once the discharge form is accessed via this link, the form fields are automatically prefilled. 

The respondent can then add his or her signature to the hospital discharge form.

Link Forms & Database with Form Lookup

After dealing with seeing a loved one's health deteriorate and having to take care of them in the hospital, parents or guardians are mostly mentally exhausted and filling out a hospital discharge form may further exhaust them mentally.

Formplus has a field lookup feature that looks up data from a previously submitted form and then populates/auto-completes the form with the old data. Make things easy by adding lookup fields to your form so that the patient's previously populated details can be looked up from the database and auto-populated.

Sign Discharge Forms with Ease

Tendering signatures have become easier with the electronic signature fields in Formplus' form fields. Parents or guardians staying overseas can easily sign the patient discharge form so that their ward is discharged from the hospital.

You can access the signature as an image in your database. Then, compare it with the previously submitted signature during patient admission in order to confirm the identity of the patient's guardian.

This e-signature functionality is easy to use and can be used on any mobile or desktop device.

Send Confirmation Emails Upon Discharge

Send an email confirmation to patients once their hospital discharge form has been successfully submitted. Another email can be sent to members of staff as soon as the patient has been successfully discharged from the hospital so that records can be updated.

You can even send further emails to the patient on intervals to check how his or her health is faring and if there are any new symptoms. This will help engage and build a better relationship with the patient beyond the hospital walls.

With Formplus, you can automate these emails beforehand.

Save Patient's Information In The Cloud

Patient's confidential data are kept in a secure cloud storage that can only be accessed by the hospital management. This information can be accessed on any internet-enabled device.

Responses to the hospital discharge form can be shared with other cloud storage platforms, including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. You can also import patient's data from the above third-party cloud storage platforms into the Formplus database. 

With Formplus cloud storage, the client-patient confidentiality agreement is maintained with utmost security.

Data Import and Export

You can keep a record of the number and details of patients discharged on a daily basis by exporting the data to your local storage or cloud storage as PDF or CSV. You can also take advantage of Formplus' Google Sheets integration and export the data directly into Google Sheets.

Share data with your team members, visualize using graphs, charts, or use for more complex research work. For example, you may use the data from the hospital discharge form of chronic malaria patients for research on how long it took to cure chronic malaria.

This should, however, be directly or indirectly stated in the terms and conditions.

Create Secure Forms

The information passed between patients and doctors is confidential, and as such, needs to be kept secure from an external party. Therefore, you need a secure platform like Formplus to handle your hospital discharge form. 

Formplus web builder has been made secure with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which keeps your data safe from hackers and other third parties who may want to infringe the confidentiality of the information passed through your patient discharge form.

You can also add another layer of security with form  Captcha.

Offline Forms

The Formplus offline feature allows your patients to fill the patient's discharge form with a bad internet connection. 

Parents who are staying in a remote area without a stable internet connection can also fill the discharge certificate on time and send it to the hospital. Once he or she gets to a place with an internet connection, the form will be automatically synchronized into your database.

In a case where there is zero access to the Internet, you can send the discharge form via SMS and it will equally be filled and returned via SMS.

Multiple Sharing Options

You can easily share the hospital discharge form with the required person through the links generated from Formplus. This link can be shared with the parents, family members, or the patient depending on who will be signing the discharge form.

Shareable links are very useful when the parents or guardian in charge is overseas and may not be able to sign the discharge form physically. This link can be sent via email, social media direct messaging, or SMS.

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