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Health Technology Form Template

The health technology form can be used to evaluate the access to medical supplies, vaccinations, drugs and technology in a specific location. With this form, individuals can express their opinion about the healthcare system and offer solutions to present problems. This form can be tailored to suit your desired feedback. Get started with this form today.

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Health Technology Form Template template

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Health Technology Form Template

What is health technology?

Health technology involves a wide range of innovations designed to improve service delivery in the healthcare space. This innovation can be applied across various aspects of the healthcare ecosystem, from diagnostics, administrative tasks and data management. 

This Health technology form, specially crafted by Fromplus to help you automate all the aspects of your patient's journey can also be used to evaluate the ease of access of patients to medical supplies and also gauge the quality of care, patient's experience, and garner feedback from patients on the healthcare facility and the prevailing health care system in their various locations. With the Formplus health technology template, there is no face of data privacy, With our secure 2SSL data encryption feature, only authorized users have access to patient's records.

How do you create a health technology form?

Sign up to Fromplus to access the wide array of Form templates.

Customize the form with Formplus drag and drop builder to tailor the form to suit whatever aspects of patient care you want to automate, From gathering feedback or health surveys to documenting patients' records, diagnoses, medication prescriptions, and administration, You can add or include fields to accommodate your unique requirements.

With the advanced sharing options, you can distribute the form to target users either via a QR code, or email link or by simply embedding it into your website for easy access.

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