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Health Screening Form Template

The health screening form can be used to verify an individual's health status. With this form, individuals can fill out if they have experienced any symptoms or been in contact with a COVID-19 patient, and so on. Patient’s Information can be stored using the secure Formplus storage. Get started with this health screen template today.

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Health Screening Form Template template

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Health Screening Form

What is a Health Screening Form?

A health screening form is a guide used by healthcare institutions to collect information about an individual's health. It details what test should be carried out based on the symptoms, unique conditions, or request of the patient. The aim is to ensure all the required or prescribed tests are carried out to ensure that a patient gets an accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Main Purpose of the Health Screening Form:

The primary purpose of a health screening form is to collect information following a streamlined process that can be adhered to and duplicated regardless of who is attending to a patient. It is the first step in assessing a patient as it uncovers their health status and guides the doctors in prescribing appropriate solutions

How to Create a Health Screening Form:

Creating a health screening form has been made simple with the Formplus health screening form template.

Sign up to Formplus to access the template library

Type the Health Screening form in the search bar.

Edit the form to meet your unique specification using the drag-and-drop formbuilder. With this form, you get to choose from an array of question types based on your unique needs;

  • You can add contact details sections for test results reports
  • Questions for your patients to evaluate their current condition
  • And questions on their health history.


You will be able to keep users in your faculty in sync by sharing the form by either embedding it on your website or via an email link and QR code. You can easily update the form with the form builder each time you want to add new information and your health screening form is ready to use.

After filling out the form, you can share the completed form with the laboratory carrying out the test and you can receive details on the results in real-time once they conclude and fill in the results. With the Formplus health screening form, you facilitate a seamless process for the health screening tests and results recovery.

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