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Health Insurance Form Template

Make it easy for your clients to apply for flexible and quality healthcare plans with this Health Insurance Form Template. With this online health insurance form, you can get rid of needless paperwork and automate your client acquisition process. Clients can also book appointments and request for claims reimbursements. Stay in the know of new insurance applications with real-time email notifications.

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If you are looking for a way to make it easy for your customers to apply for quality healthcare plans that you offer, then you need a health insurance form. Health insurance forms are an efficient way to collect important information from your existing or prospective clients seeking coverage. It is a simple and effective way to communicate with your clients seamlessly and in real-time.

With Formplus's health insurance form template, you can get rid of boring and overwhelming paperwork and automate your client acquisition process. With this health insurance form, policyholders can schedule new appointments, request claims reimbursement, and be notified of new updates and insurance applications with the advanced real-time communication feature.

What is a Health Insurance Form?

A health insurance form is a document used by insurance companies to collect all the required details from clients and would-be clients seeking health insurance coverage. With this form, you can quickly confirm the client's eligibility for health care coverage, as all information regarding the applicant's health history is collected and decisions can be made online and in real-time.

What Information is Required on a Health Insurance Form?

Ideally in a Health insurance form, you are required to fill in a range of personal and medical information, such as the following;

Personal Information: Names, date of birth, contact details, etc.

Medical History: Health history and pre-existing conditions, medications, allergies, etc.

Employment Information: Employment history, status, and employers details., 

Financial Information: Such as details of income, payment preferences, and any subsidies or assistance programs you might qualify for.

Can I Create a Health Insurance Form Online?

Yes, you can offer your clients the convenience of filling out their health insurance forms online. With Formplus health insurance forms you eliminate the need for paper forms, reduce processing time, and make the process more accessible for your clients. 

All you need to create your online insurance form is to sign up with Formplus to access the free health insurance form template which can be customized to suit your requirements. After collecting all the necessary information, the electronic signature feature allows the applicant to append their signature to the application form digitally.

That's not all. You can also add your logo, change the color, and add images to match your brand image with the free-to-use Kanban style drag-and-drop form builder. The Formplus insurance health forms integrate seamlessly with other platforms like Google Forms, Dropbox, etc. You can collect payments via the form through a wide option of secured payment gateways, like Paypal, Stripe, etc. 

With the advanced sharing options feature, the health insurance forms can be embedded on your website, shared via an email link or QR codes and you can view submissions, analyze the forms, and respond to your clients in real-time.


Online Health insurance forms are an effective way to streamline your data collection process for clients seeking for healthcare coverage. Formplus has simplified this process for you with its customizable health insurance form. Encourage your customers to apply for medical coverage with this free healthcare insurance form.

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