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Free Gym Registration Form Template

Want to get more online subscription for your gym training facility? Use this gym registration form template to get more business leads from customers online. Embed this gym membership form link on your website or share on social media to fitness enthusiast to increase business and convert prospective customers. You can also renew membership of old customers and accept subscription payment on your forms with Formplus payment integration feature.

Use this template



Free Gym Registration Form Template template



Google Sheets Integration

You can now send responses to your gym membership form directly to Google Sheets. This Google Sheets integration will make it easy to share analyzed data with other team members to aid collaboration.

This will help save time, resources, and energy that would have been spent on analyzing the data.

Create User-friendly Forms

Create user-friendly forms by arranging your gym registration form into different pages per registration section. This will help prevent the gym registration form from looking too cumbersome for individuals who would like to register.

You can also prefill forms with existing data rs like name, email address, phone number, etc. This will help save time, increase accuracy, and submission rate for your gym registration form.

Respondents can also save and resume later when filling out the gym registration form.

Confirm Membership Via Email

Send a confirmation mail to newly registered members and existing members who have signed up to use your gym. You can create a custom message to members once they sign up.

The confirmation email should congratulate them on successful registration and also contain details of membership. You can also personalize the message by mentioning customers' name in the email and by sending the mail from a personal email address.

Store Data In A Secure Cloud Storage

Your data is securely stored in Formplus cloud storage and can be accessed through your account from any internet-enabled device, including mobile phones, PC, tablets, etc. You can also easily share the data with other secure cloud storage platforms.

In addition to the secure Formplus database, we currently support Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Duplicating member's data on these other cloud storage platforms will make it easier to reuse across their sister applications. 

For example, you can easily reuse the data on OneDrive across other Microsoft applications.

Receive Gym Membership Subscriptions Directly

Receive gym membership subscription payments from customers with Formplus forms which have a payment integration option in its form fields. This form field allows you to get paid through Paypal, Stripe, Paystack and Flutterwave.

All you have to do is create your gym registration form using Formplus, then add your preferred payment platform to your gym registration form template. This will eliminate the long process of physical registration at the gym.

Members can also renew their membership by making payment through the gym registration form template

Make Better Decisions With Data Insights

Get an insight into the details of those who registered for gym membership through your gym registration form, and also those who viewed the form but didn't complete their registration. This insight will include the number of viewers, their location, and how much time they spent on the form. 

It will, therefore, assist you in drawing conclusions regarding why some of the registration wasn't completed and the location of your gym members. 

An insight into the location of your gym members will assist you in channeling your marketing efforts into other locations with a lesser number of gym membership subscriptions.

Effective collaboration with team members

Collaborate effectively with your team members by giving them adding them as a contributor to the gym's account. This will help ensure that each team member can simultaneously have access to responses to the gym registration form and work on them.

Long chains of passing data across teams will be eliminated and work can be done faster. The marketing teams who need the database for sending newsletters and campaign targeting will get the data at the same time the customer support team gets it.

Create secure forms with Formplus

Formplus ensures that your forms are secure 100 percent of the time. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about when creating your gym registration form  using this Formplus. template 

The forms are kept secure from hackers, spammers, and other third parties who you haven't given permission to access your data. Your gym members' data are equally kept safe and secure with Formplus.

These secure forms are available for all Formplus users, and no special membership is required. 

Generate More Business Leads

Generate more business leads with a gym membership registration form that appeals to potential customers and encourages them to register. With Formplus, you can add your logo, colors, and background pictures that depict your brand.

Create a personalised gym registration form template that showcases your brand and promotes the gym membership options you offer. Therefore, attracting new subscribers and increasing membership renewal rate amongst existing members.

You may also add before and after pictures that can inspire people to fill out your gym registration form.

Send Personalized Reminders to Members

You can send a personal reminder to existing gym members to renew their gym subscription before it expires. These personal invites can be sent directly to gym members' emails and you can individually track their engagement with the link.

That way, you can track those who have filled the form and those who are yet to fill. This personal reminder can also be used for form prefilling.

Each member gets a personalized link to the gym registration form, and the form gets populated with the basic existing data.

Location Enabled Form

Use the Formplus  Geolocation feature to find out the exact location of the respondents while filling the gym membership form. This will be done with the aid of Google Maps, as long as the respondent permits.

Location enabled form can be useful for marketing and engaging customers. This could help you build a community in a particular area where your gym members are predominant.

It could also help inform business decisions like where to open another branch if you want to expand.

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