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Free Guest Speaker Form Template

This online form can be used to book guest speakers. Embed it in your website and gather information from potential speakers, so you can become proficient in organizing, scheduling, and planning any event.

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Free Guest Speaker Form Template template



Import and Export Submissions

 Formplus allows you to seamlessly import and export data to and from the Formplus database. You can import form data from a CSV file and you can also export form responses to your Google spreadsheet or as a CSV, Word or PDF document. 

You can import form data and use it to create forms that can skim through existing data or lookup other forms. You can also use this information to pre-fill your guest speaker form with already existing data using the pre fill tool in the form builder.

Uses of Guest Speaker Form

This guest speaker booking form will help organizations and individuals conveniently contact and book guest speakers for their seminars, book, and product launches among other types of events. This form would help you to easily organize your events and prevent any stalling on the D-Day. 

Formplus has multiple sharing options that you can use to share your guest form template with interested guest speakers - you can share your form as an email invitation or embed it on your website. You can use this guest speaker form template or edit it to suit your event needs in the Formplus form builder.

Teams and Collaboration

 Formplus makes it even easier for you to collaborate with your team members using the multi-users option. Here, you can add important stakeholders to a shared Formplus account so that you all work on your guest speaker form plus form data together. 

You can trace any changes and suggestions made to your form, responses, and folders using the audit trail. As the account administrator, you can grant or limit access to your form data and you can also assign roles to different team members.

File Uploads & Storage

You can receive files of any size directly in your speaker booking form by adding file upload fields to your form in the form builder. The file upload fields allow form respondents to submit documents, pictures and other files of any size in your guest speaker form. 

Formplus is also fully integrated with Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox so that you can easily send, receive and organize received files in your preferred cloud storage system. You can also add specific form fields that can be used to rename the files submitted in your guest form template

Email Notifications and Autoresponders

Auto responder messages help you to easily communicate post-submission information to form respondents such as the waiting period, updates about your event, amongst other things. Formplus also allows you to attach a copy of the submitted guest speaker form in your auto responder email.

You can also send out email notifications to important stakeholders immediately a submission is made in your form. This makes it possible to keep your team members updated about form submissions and you can also choose to send out daily or weekly reports about the data received in your speaker booking form.

Google Sheets Integration

 Formplus is fully integrated with Google sheets and this makes it even easier for you to process and organize the data received in your form. Google sheets integration helps you to easily share form data with your team and other collaborators. 

You can instantly update your Google spreadsheet without having to import or export data. When new submissions are made in your guest speaker form, Google sheets integration automatically updates your spreadsheet with the new data; without any form of hassles.

Form sharing

Formplus has many sharing options that can help you to easily share your guest speaker form with target respondents. You can send the form link as an email invitation to proposed respondents; email invitation helps to prevent multiple submissions in your form. 

In addition, you can share the form's unique QR code so that respondents online need to scan to fill out your guest speaker form. Formplus has direct social media sharing buttons that you can use to easily share your form link to your organization's social media pages.

Beautifully Designed Forms

With the various form customization options, you can easily tweak the outlook of your guest speaker form to be more unique and professional. Formplus allows you to change background images, change background colours and even add your organization's logo to your guest speaker form. 

You do not need any knowledge of CSS to modify your firm's appearance in the form builder. However, if you do have knowledge of CSS, you can explore more customization possibilities and do more with Formplus like changing your form layout and stylizing your guest speaker form

Analytics and Reports

You can generate custom visual reports for your form data using the reports summary tool in the form builder. In the form analytics dashboard, you can access meaningful data with regards to your speaker booking form such as the number of weekly submissions, the total number of form views, among other statistical information.  

To generate a visual report of your form data, simply click on the form field or data you want to create a visual report for. Instantly, the form data would be displayed as a graph or chart.

Security and Privacy

With Formplus, you can be sure of 100% data security. Our forms are fully GDPR compliant and also SSL enabled which means that all information exchanged between your web browser and our servers are fully encrypted; reducing the chances of data breaches. 

You can also limit access to your speaker booking form by making it private which controls views and submissions for your form. Private forms can only be accessed by team members in your Formplus account by requesting access to the form from the account administrator.

Form Lookup

Form lookup enables you to autofill form fields based on the data available in a previously submitted form. The form lookup fields scan through a respondent's earlier form submissions and complete the new form with relevant data collected from the old form. 

Form lookup helps you to cut down on the time needed to complete your guest speaker form and you can access this feature in the form builder. For example, form lookup can display a form respondent's bio-data and contact information.

Multi-Page Forms

You can split your guest speaker form into multiple pages in the form builder to make it more concise. It's easy for form respondents to get discouraged on the sight of a lengthy form appearing to seek too much information. 

This is why Formplus allows you to split your form into as many pages as you wish. You can better organize and categorize information such as placing similar form fields on the same page or putting one form field per page. 

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