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Free Guarantor Agreement Form Template

Use this online guarantor agreement form template to allow guarantors vouch and apen their signature for their wards or lessee. This guarantor form is important in real estate, business, legal, and recruiting industries. Customise your guarantors form and send the links to lessee guarantors to sign-off on necessary contract agreement. Large corporations like estate managers, banks etc. can embed links to their guarantors form online for easy accessibility.

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Free Guarantor Agreement Form Template template

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Intro & Post Submission Message

Let your guarantors know that the agreement form has been successfully submitted with a post-submission message. This message can also be used as an opportunity to add a CTA for guarantors.

An introductory message can also be added to the beginning of the guarantor agreement form to welcome and give guarantors an insight into the kind of information they will be expected to submit. This will help form a connection with the brand and the guarantors before they begin filling the guarantor agreement form.

Secure Storage

Be rest assured that the data collected from guarantors are stored in secure cloud storage. Following the GDPR guidelines for your forms, the guarantor's data cannot be accessed by a third party.

To further ensure rest of the mind on data security, you can choose where and how you want the guarantor's data stored. Formplus allows you to choose one of Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive for your cloud data storage. 

This will further enhance data security and Is perfect for those who already have an ongoing subscription with any of the cloud storage platforms above.

Customization Options

If you own a real estate company or a financial institution, you can customize your guarantor’s form with your brand logo, color, font, etc. Formplus allows you to create a guarantor agreement form that depicts your brand.

Adding your logo and other brand identity elements to your guarantor form will make it stand out and will also serve as an indirect marketing channel for your business. A guarantor who wants to stand in for a tenant will be able to easily recognize your business in the future, making you the go-to real estate company when looking for an apartment.

Export Data

Easily export data to your local storage, Google Sheets, etc. using Formplus. This data can be exported in different file formats, including Docs, PDF, and CSV.

This data can be exported to easily be used by your team members. Formplus also offers Google Sheets Integration on its forms, which automatically exports guarantors' data into your workspace. 

The amazing part of this is that you don't have to manually export data into your Google Sheets each time a submission is made on your guarantor agreement form. Your workspace will be automatically updated.

Teams & Collaboration

Collaborate with team members remotely and simultaneously work on the same data.

If you own a real estate or financial services company, you may need to verify the identity of the guarantors, screen them for eligibility, and also run them through some processes. Therefore, the best way to get this done fast is by effective collaboration amongst team members. 

Formplus makes this possible with the teams and collaboration feature that allows you to add team members and important collaborators. This will make it easier to get the job done on time.

Easy-to-use Drag & Drop Form Builder

Take advantage of the existing guarantor form template created by experts to collect every information you need from a guarantor. The Formplus guarantor form sample helps you get started and guides you on what data you need to collect from guarantors.

You can further tailor the guarantor form template to suit your business using the easy-to-use form builder. Edit your guarantor terms, add more questions, or include conditional logic in your guarantor form.

This guarantor form template can be tweaked as you please with no hassle.

Tips for Using the Free Guarantor Agreement Form Template

Use this free guarantor form template to create guarantor forms for rent, lease, loans, employment, students, personal reasons, work and so much more. Start with the easy drag and drop editor to modify the form fields in this template. You can also switch up the form customization with any of the preset themes or custom CSS. Once you’re done with your form edits, share this agreement form with the required parties via an email invite. 

Turn on email reminders to nudge them to complete submissions if they are taking the time to do so. You can also get notified when they’ve signed the document by turning on email notifications on the form settings page. To generate a custom PDF from the signed agreement, set up Documerge on the settings page. That way every party gets a copy of the agreement.  You can choose to save the responses on the secure Formplus storage or export them to your other favorite tools.

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