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Foia Request Form Template

Manage freedom of information act request for public agencies with this FOIA Request Form Template. Embed this FOI request form on your organization’s website for citizens to request for information about your agency.

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What is a FOIA Request Form:

A FOIA request form is a document used by individuals to request specific information from government-run or owned parastatals. With this document, such organizations can grant the request as long as the FOIA form is used to demand any information. 

What Should a FOIA Request Form Contain?

  • A FOIA request form should include the following information;
  • The details of the requester(Contact Information, Name, Address, Designation)
  • The details of the organization the information is being requested for.
  • The description of the specific kind of information needed.

How to Initiate a FOIA Request:

Find the appropriate agency and the appropriate office that treats FOIA requests and submit your FOIA request form. Find the contact information for the agency's FOIA officer, who is responsible for processing FOIA requests.

How to Create a FOIA Request Form:

Sign up with Formplus, to access the FOIA form template.

Edit the template to match your brand and include fields using the Kanban style drag-and-drop form builder. Specify the kind of information you require clearly and concisely on the form. Voila, your FOIA form request form is ready to use in minutes. You can share the request form with appropriate bodies either via an email link or a QR code. The smart notification feature lets you know in real time once the form is viewed, filled, and submitted.

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