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Eyelash Extension Consent Form Template

The eyelash extension consent form is a standard agreement between a client and an eyelash technician. Clients can use this form to consent to an eyelash extension procedure and agree to the stipulated terms and conditions by uploading their e-signatures. This consent form can be customised to suit your business style and needs with the Formplus simple editing tools. Get started with this consent form by either embedding on your website or by using it as a standalone form today.

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Tips For Using the Eyelash Extensions Consent Form Template

If you provide eyelash extension services, you should have your clients sign a consent form before beginning the procedure. Fixing eyelash extensions involves some risks; an eyelash extension consent form indicates that your clients agree to those risks and protects you from legal action.

An eyelash extension consent form is a legal document that details the potential risks of the procedure and the client's acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Eyelash technician? Find out how to easily create an eyelash extension consent form with Formplus!

What Do You Put on an Eyelash Extension Consent Form?

  1. Client information: Full name, address, phone number, email, and emergency contact information.
  2. Health history: Any allergies, medical conditions, medications, or previous reactions to eyelash extensions.
  3. Procedure information: description of the eyelash extension procedure, including products and tools.
  4. Risks and complications: A list of the procedure's potential risks and complications, such as allergic reactions, eye infections, or damage to natural lashes.
  5. Aftercare instructions: After-procedure care instructions, including restrictions on activities such as swimming and using some cosmetics.
  6. Consent and Signature: A statement of consent and a signature field indicating that the client has read, comprehended, and agrees to the procedure.

How Do You Write a Good Eyelash Extension Consent Form?

  1. Go to the Formplus  "Eyelash Extension Consent Form" template page.
  2. Edit the template to fit your services, and save it. You can edit the text, and add or remove questions.
  3. Customize the form’s design to fit your brand. You can change the theme, and add brand assets such as a logo, background image, etc.
  4. Preview the form to ensure you’re satisfied with the form’s content and look.
  5. Choose your preferred settings- notifications, 
  6. Share the form with your clients via social media, email, QR code, or embed it on your website.

Are Eyelash Extensions Risky?

  1. Allergic reactions: You may be allergic to the adhesive or other materials used in the procedure.
  2. Eye infections: You could develop an eye infection if the procedure is not performed under sterile conditions or if you do not properly care for the extensions after the procedure.
  3. Damage to natural lashes: If your eyelash extensions are too heavy or too long, they can damage your natural lashes.
  4. Irritation: Using eyelash extensions may cause itching, redness, or other irritation.


An eyelash extension consent form is an important document to protect yourself against legal action. It also ensures clients understand the risks of the procedure.

Formplus is an incredibly simple form builder that allows you to easily design and customize your forms. Get started with the Formplus eyelash extension consent form template.

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