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Free Experimental Research Survey Template

Conducting a survey for your scientific research? This experimental research survey template is what you need. This survey template helps you to gather enough data for better decision-making. With the Formplus-Google Sheet integration, the data collected will be updated into your workbook in real-time.

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Free Experimental Research Survey Template template

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Tips For Using the Experimental Research Survey Template

What is an Experimental Research Survey?

An experimental research survey is a systematic method used to gather data from a group of individuals in order to study a specific phenomenon or test a hypothesis. It involves collecting information through a series of structured questions, which are designed to elicit responses that can be analyzed statistically. This type of survey is often used in scientific research and social sciences to investigate cause-and-effect relationships and to draw conclusions based on empirical evidence.

What is the Purpose of an Experimental Research Survey?

The main purpose of an experimental research survey is to collect data that will enable researchers to examine the effects of one or more independent variables on a dependent variable. When the independent variables are manipulated, researchers can observe the changes in the dependent variable, researchers can determine if there is a causal relationship between them. This helps in understanding the underlying mechanisms and factors that influence a particular phenomenon or behavior.

What is Included in an Experimental Research Survey?

An experimental research survey typically consists of several components. First, it starts with an introduction that provides background information about the study and its objectives. Then, it includes a series of questions that are carefully designed to gather relevant data from the participants. These questions can be in various formats, such as multiple-choice, Likert scale, or open-ended. Additionally, the survey may include demographic questions to gather information about the participants' characteristics. Finally, there should be clear instructions and a conclusion or thank you message to wrap up the survey.

Who Can Use an Experimental Research Survey?

Anyone involved in conducting research or studies can utilize an experimental research survey. This includes scientists, researchers, social scientists, psychologists, and professionals from various fields who wish to explore cause-and-effect relationships. These surveys can be conducted in academic settings, government agencies, market research companies, or any other organization that aims to gather data for analysis and interpretation.

How to Create an Experimental Research Survey Using the Formplus Template?

  • Visit the Formplus website and sign in to your account or create a new one if you don't have an account already.
  • Choose the “experimental research survey template” from the available templates.
  • Customize the survey by adding your own questions and response options. Ensure that the questions are clear, concise, and aligned with your research objectives.
  • Include any necessary instructions or explanations to guide participants through the survey.
  • If needed, add demographic questions to collect relevant participant information.
  • Customize the design and layout of the survey to make it visually appealing and easy to navigate.
  • Test the survey to ensure that it functions properly and that all questions are working as intended.
  • Once you are satisfied with the survey, share it with your target audience by generating a unique survey link or embedding it on your website.
  • Monitor the responses and analyze the collected data using appropriate statistical methods to draw meaningful conclusions.


An experimental research survey is a valuable tool for gathering data to investigate cause-and-effect relationships and draw evidence-based conclusions. With platforms like Formplus, creating and conducting experimental research surveys becomes easier and more efficient, allowing researchers to focus on their analysis and interpretation of the collected data.

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