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Free Expense Reimbursement Form Template

If you are a non-profit organization or manage any kind of business, use the Expense Reimbursement Form Template to reimburse employees for general business expenses like office supplies, mileage, software, training fees, travel and so on. This form template also allows you collect digital receipts and other evidence of expenses and store in one database. Let employees record expenses now with this mobile-ready template!

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Free Expense Reimbursement Form Template template



Why use an expense reimbursement form

When organizations use an expense reimbursement form, it means that the account team can easily manage reimbursements and compensate employees easily. With employee expenses, whether it’s materials, travel, accommodation, food, or anything else, you need to know exactly how much has been spent, and what is owed. Employees will want reimbursement as soon as possible, which is why having an expense reimbursement form as part of your account system is so effective. Businesses are only as strong as their weakest employees, and when employees are unhappy, productivity drops. Over time, morale drops, which again negatively affects productivity. With a system that provides a report, one that can be signed by both employee and supervisors, you can ensure that employees are reimbursed for what they have spent. The faster the process is, the happier all parties will be - an expense reimbursement form makes it perfect. Receive expenses reports with the reimbursement form template now!

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Collaborate With Team Members

As your organization grows, more expenses will need to be reimbursed. Formplus “Teams & Collaboration” feature can help you manage reimbursement processes easily by letting you give other users permission to view/access/edit data received on your Expense Reimbursement Form. Set permissions for people individually or save time by assigning permission levels to entire groups. With an Audit Trail, you can track activities of team members made to the expense reimbursement form.

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Automate calculations of fields

Formplus’ calculating form fields allows you easily automate the calculation of total values on your online expense reimbursement form. This means you don’t have to copy out all the figures and manually sum them up by yourself. Use the field to quickly make calculations for travel expenses, training fees, seminar/conference fees, office material repair and more. It is just an easy way to solve your expense reimbursement form math problems with Formplus’ powerful calculator. Calculations can be used to compute field values based on user input, set default values for form fields, and control visibility of fields/sections.

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Customise Form URL

Custom URLs are used to brand form links, also used to make the link simpler to remember. You can also use this to customize a shortened URL.

Use a custom URL
Organise Your Reimbursement Form with Tables

In the case where the respondent has more than expense item, a table field will allow the respondents add other required columns to accommodate other items. In simple terms, a table is best used in describing and classifying multiple items, creating lists and for collecting dynamic data.

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Collect Digital Signatures on Formplus

No need waiting for employees, project managers or contractors to physically sign documents. With Formplus, you can collect e-signatures on documents to make it legitimate. All you have to do is add a signature field and the respondent signs with ease.

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View Respondent Submission Details

To help you gather valuable insights into your expense reimbursement form, generate visual reports and/or daily, weekly, monthly summary of submissions using various kinds of charts. Our platform analytics dashboard also reveals devices used and concentrated location of respondents. Responses can be exported in CSV, PDF or DOCx format or printed; as required. Hide form fields you might no longer need while reviewing, downloading or printing. This means you can now understand how many expenses employees have incurred, how much will need to be reimbursed and other responses on the expense reimbursement form. Additionally, you can import responses for your reimbursement form by uploading a CSV file that contains all the responses.

Simplify Data with Formplus Analytics
Spreadsheets make your work smarter

Reimbursement have become a popular activity in organizations as employees usually have one thing or the other they have to do quickly which requires funds. With Google Spreadsheet, you will be able to view employees expenses as they happen and resolve issues in a timely manner. Connect your Google account to the form and you are one step away from managing reimbursements quickly.

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Store and manage files from anywhere

We care about you and your organization so we are giving unlimited file types and sizes. We have also integrated the expense reimbursement forms with Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive cloud integration services. With Formplus’ cloud integration support, you can receive scanned images of receipts directly to your preferred cloud storage. You can automatically rename submitted file uploads and quickly share them with other members of your team. This is a seamless way of managing files/documents in a single database.

Store Applicant Data with Formplus
Get Notified For Every Submission

The reimbursement process gets easier and faster when you are immediately notified that someone has submitted a response. You can choose to receive notifications after each expense reimbursement form submission, on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, or on a monthly basis. The email is sent to the email associated with your Formplus account or you could route the notifications to multiple emails.

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Get more work done with workflows

You are probably tired of long email threads and piles of paperwork to get your work done. Approvals can help you streamline your day-to-day processes. Simply build an automated document, receipt, reimbursement approval system with Formplus. With workflows, employees can ask for more than they spent on tasks and projects, then ask for reimbursement and ask to sign off the project and more. Allocate resources effectively, accomplish more tasks and your employees will appreciate your effort.

Automate with Workflows
Allow respondents save their progress

There are times when the respondents would like to do some other important tasks while filling in responses on the expense reimbursement form. With Formplus, you can allow respondents save their progress on the form and resume later. This reduces abandonment rate because users then know that they will just continue from where they stopped, rather than starting all over.

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Secure working environment for you

Formplus’ Expense Reimbursement Form is 256-Bit SSL enabled which ensures safe communication between our servers and your web browser. You have the option to add CAPTCHA to your online form to prevent bots and spammers from having access to your data.

Secure Forms Data with Formplus

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