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Event Sponsorship Form Template

Are you planning an event? Are you looking to create a seamless sponsorship process for your donors? The event sponsorship form is designed to allow sponsors donate to sponsor a specific event. Donors can fill out their contact information, select preferred amount, and so on. this sponsorship can be tailored to suit your event’s needs and style. Get started with this sponsorship form today.

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Event Sponsorship Form Template template

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Event Sponsorship Form Template

What is an event sponsorship form?

An event sponsorship form is a document used to collect details of organizations or individuals willing to sponsor or interested in sponsorship opportunities.

The event sponsorship form defines the agreement between a potential sponsor and the event host. It usually includes the details or requirements for sponsorship, the financial implications, and the benefits the sponsor will receive. Event sponsors provide financial support, products, or services in exchange for exposure and promotional opportunities at the event.

Components of an Event Sponsorship Form

An event sponsorship form comprises the contact details of the sponsor and the vent host. It should also include clear detail of the sponsorship, what it entails, the cost, and the benefits, and any terms and conditions.

If there are various sponsorship levels it should also be listed, alongside the cost and benefits of each category.

Information on how payment should be handled is an essential component of the sponsorship form.

Lastly, the timelines or period the sponsorship would run for and a signature line to validate the form.

How do I create an event sponsorship form?

The first step is to define the various sponsorship levels and set the rates and the associated benefits that the sponsors would receive. Once that is settled sign up to Formplus to access the event sponsorship form template.

Edit the form with the code-free drag-and-drop form builder to include any details you want, change color, upload images, fonts, layout, and lots more.

Set up your preferred payment details to receive payment for sponsorship requests directly to your bank account. Formplus events form integrates seamlessly with payment gateways like Pal and Stripe.

Share the form by embedding it on your website or via an email link or QR code

Your event sponsorship is ready and you get to receive notification in real-time as soon as your form is filled and submitted.

How do you write a sponsorship for an event?

You begin with a riveting introduction highlighting the essence and value of your events to your target audience.

Nex would be the details of the event, what it's all about, the date, the number of guests, and any online or media coverage it would have.

Subsequently, you outline the various sponsorship levels and the rates for each category and the benefit simultaneously, by outlining how this event and the attendees would be beneficial to the sponsor.

Finish with a call to action nudging your sponsor to take definite action and share your contact details, if they will need more information to help them decide.

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