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Ethics Approval Form Template

The ethics approval form is designed to ensure that students projects and research are aligned with the stipulated code of ethics. With this form, students can fill out their research methodology, paper title, licences required, consent obtained, and so on. Members of the ethics committee can use this form to approve projects that conform to the code of ethics required. Get started with this template today.

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Ethics Approval Form Template template

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Ethics Approval Form Template

What is an ethical approval form?

An ethics approval form is a document that collects all the required information regarding your research proposal in other to verify that you met the required standard laid down by the ethics approval team in charge of your research. This way external bodies can attest to the fact that you carried out your research without violating the rights of anyone.

How do you get ethics approval?

Getting ethics approval is wholly dependent on the organization, type of research, and location. as the process differs based on varying criteria. However, the general steps to get ethical approval involve the following.

Identifying the relevant ethics approval body for your research.

Prepare and present your research project following the required formats and the ethical considerations of your research work.

Collect the ethical approval form and the ethical guidelines form for your work.

Submit your application and wait for feedback on further steps.

How do you write an ethics form?

Ideally, your ethical approval form should have all the project information, the individuals involved, and the nature of the research project should be clearly defined. Details of how the information collected would be handled in terms of confidentiality and data protection, as well as potential risks and benefits.

However, to simplify this process this Formplus ethics approval form, with robust customizable options, lets you personalize the form to meet your unique requirements using the code-free drag-and-drop form builder which helps tweak the form to align with the brand elements of your organization.

The electronic signature feature allows users to append their signature to validate the document.

The advanced sharing option lets you share the form with users via a QR code, an email link, or by embedding it on your website.

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