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Equipment Maintenance Log Template

The equipment maintenance log is a basic document that tracks and records maintenance of an equipment and its maintenance history. The equipment maintenance log contains information about the machine, scheduled maintenance dates, list of actions performed on the machine and so on. Get started with this form today.

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An equipment maintenance log is used to create a process for carrying out regular maintenance on pieces of equipment and track or record the process as it goes. An equipment maintenance log is a document used to track and record the maintenance of pieces of equipment. This way they ensure that they enjoy optimum performance of their equipment within the timeline stated by the manufacturers. Let's address a few frequently asked questions on the equipment maintenance log.

What is an Equipment Maintenance Log?

An equipment maintenance log is a record of all the scheduled maintenance expected to be carried out on various equipment. It contains all the maintenance activities carried out on a specific piece of equipment. The date the scheduled maintenance was conducted, the type of activity that took place, and the next prescribed subsequent maintenance exercise are all recorded in a maintenance log. 

What is the Equipment Maintenance Log Schedule?

The equipment maintenance log is a document that contains all the required scheduled maintenance as prescribed by the manufacturers. The equipment maintenance schedule usually contains the details of the contact person/department that would carry out the planned maintenance. Dates for regular inspections, preventive maintenance tasks, scheduled component replacements, and any other recommendations by the manufacturers are typically included in an equipment maintenance log schedule. Adherence to an equipment maintenance schedule would preserve the integrity of the equipment and prevent costly repairs or complete replacements that would have occurred in the absence of an equipment maintenance log schedule.

How Do I Create an Equipment Maintenance Log?

To create an equipment maintenance log from scratch can be a lot of work. To save you the hassle of creating one from scratch, Formplus has put together a comprehensive equipment maintenance log form. To access this form, log in to your Formplus account, then select your preferred template from the template form library. 

The equipment log maintenance template can be customized to include fields and match it to your organization, name brand, logo, and color. The advanced sharing option allows you to share the form with the concerned departments via an email link a QR code, or by embedding it on your website. 

Never miss scheduled maintenance again with this form, as you have the option of setting up prompts to notify you of the next scheduled maintenance activity. The report and analytic feature helps you track all maintenance activity recorded in the form in real-time for effective monitoring and adherence. 


Equipment maintenance logs are  a critical document that facilitates an effective maintenance culture in your organization. They provided a streamlined process for ensuring that all necessary/prescribed maintenance activities are carried out when due.

Sign up with Formplus to access your equipment maintenance log that can be customized to fit your unique requirements. 

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