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Equipment Lease Agreement Form Template

Have an equipment for rent? Use this online equipment lease agreement template to sign a binding agreement on rent terms. Sign agreements on fees, and include terms and conditions for equipment loss or damages. This equipment lease template is fitted with premium features like e-signature fields, file storage, and payment processors like Stripe, PayPal and Flutterwave. Sign up now to customize this equipment lease agreement form template.

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Equipment Lease Agreement Form Template template



PCI-Compliant Forms

Formplus forms are PCI-compliant which allows for secure payment transactions. This helps to prevent data breaches as form respondents carry out numerous financial transactions in your equipment lease form using any of our integrated payment gateways - Stripe, Flutterwave, and PayPal.

Email Notifications

Email notifications accelerate your communication process; making it easier for everyone to stay updated on your data collection process. When sending out these emails to stakeholders and other form collaborators, you can include copies of form submissions as Docx or PDF attachments.

In addition to this, you can also create a schedule for how often your team members and form collaborators receive email notifications. Email notifications to others can be sent out as weekly, daily, or monthly summaries; in line with your preferences.

Payment Form

Formplus forms can be fitted with payment fields that allow you to carry out financial transactions right in your equipment lease form. This means that your clients do not need to leave your form in order to initiate or complete equipment lease payments - everything happens right in the form. 

In the Formplus form builder, you can add preferred payment fields to your equipment rental form; Formplus presently supports Stripe, PayPal, and Flutterwave payment processing gateways. Complete financial transactions in your lease form without incurring any hidden or extra charges.

Digital Signatures

Collect digital signatures from your form respondents using the electronic signature field in the form builder. With the electronic signature field, your clients can authorize equipment lease requests by appending digital signatures right in your form. 

All uploaded digital signatures will be saved as images to your preferred cloud storage immediately they are received. You can add the e-signature field to your equipment lease from right from the comfort of any internet-enabled device including your smartphone.

Custom Subdomain

Formplus allows you to create and share a custom URL for your equipment rental form. Custom subdomains can include the name of your organization or brand; and so, they often serve as a great tool for marketing and promoting brand awareness. 

Custom subdomains are simple and easy to remember. They also provide a more secure experience for form respondents as they can immediately ascertain that the form is from your organization; especially when the form URL is shared via email.

User Redirect

The user redirect option allows you to automatically redirect  a form respondent to a new page or form after a successful submission is made in your equipment lease form. All you need to do is provide the URL of the preferred page you want to redirect form respondents after they fill out your form. 

Redirect after submission allows you to send form respondents to any page of your choice;. You can redirect form respondents to another form you want them to fill or to different web pages containing information about your services and products.

Autoresponder Emails

Send out automated confirmation emails to form respondents to confirm receipt of their form submissions. In autoresponder messages, you can include important information about your equipment leasing process such as a feedback timeline amongst other things. 

To prevent any form of misinformation, Formplus allows you to attach a copy of the form submission as a Docx or PDF document in the autoresponder email. You can also send out autoresponder messages, allowing for swift effective communication with form respondents.

Location-enabled Forms

Use the geolocation feature to track the physical locations of form respondents as they place equipment leasing orders in your form. With the form respondent's permission, Formplus uses Google Maps Services to track and record the geolocations of form respondents when they make new entries in your equipment rental form template.

Document Merge

With document merge, it is easy for you to create custom documents from form submissions and send them out as part of confirmation emails or email notifications. You can automatically generate custom equipment lease order receipts and documents for individuals who make a lease request in your form.

Data-time Calculation and Validation

You can easily complete simple date-time arithmetic processes in your equipment lease form. Date-time calculations are easy to perform and they can be done between 2 date or time fields, a single date field, or a date-time field and a duration field. 

Formplus also allows for date-time validation to prevent date-time input errors in your equipment rental form. With field validation, you can improve on the quality of data gathered via your equipment rental form template by preventing respondents from submitting the wrong date-time format in your form.

Mobile-Friendly Forms

Now, your clients can kickstart and complete equipment leasing processes right from the comfort of their mobile devices. Formplus forms are both mobile-friendly and user-responsive so that form respondents can conveniently view and fill them out without having to pinch in or zoom out on the form. 

The drag-and-drop form builder is also mobile-friendly which means you can create your equipment lease form on the go on your smartphone device. Add preferred fields to your form by clicking or dragging them from the builder's inputs section into your form.

Form Sharing and Embed

With our multiple form sharing options, it is even easier to connect with potential clients by making your form easily accessible to them. You can use social media direct sharing buttons to share your equipment lease on Facebook and Instagram or send out email invitations to form respondents. 

Formplus also allows you to embed your equipment rental form on your website. You can add the form's shortcode to your website's HTML or you can use the WordPress plug-in to add the form to your site via a widget. 

Customizable Forms

Formplus allows you to tweak the appearance of your equipment lease form; making it more appealing and in sync with your brand image. In the form builder, there are numerous form customization options that you can use to change your form outlook; without knowledge of CSS. 

With form customization, you can add your organization's logo to your form and you can also change background themes, colors, and images. If you have knowledge of CSS, you can modify the layout of your form and even stylize its appearance.

Lookup Fields

With lookup fields, it is easy for you to automatically fill out form fields with data already saved in your database. Form Lookup fields scan through your database and instantly the equipment lease form with information retrieved from the database. 

You can lookup fields to obtain bio-data such as a form respondent's name and contact information; amongst others. Also, form lookup fields can display data in numerous field formats including text fields, number fields, checklists, and radio fields.

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