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Employee Review Form Template

This online performance review template form saves you from you overwhelming yourself as it takes a lot of time consuming steps. Get all the feedback on employee job performance you need with this simple 5-point rating Likert survey

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Employee Review Form Template template

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Teams and Collaboration

Collaborate with your team members and other stakeholders by adding them to your shared Formplus account. In this account, you all can work on form, responses, and folders together; you can edit and organize form data while working as a team. 

As the account administrator, you can restrict or grant access to forms, form data, and folders, and you can also grant permissions. In the shared account, there is an audit trail that allows you to track any changes or suggestions made to your form. 

Private Forms

Formplus allows you to restrict access to your employee review form by making it private. This means that your form can only be viewed and filled out by team members and collaborators who are added to your shared Formplus account. 

Making your form private allows you to have absolute control over who can access it. This is apt for forms that are restricted to internal uses like your employee review form.

Analytics and Reporting

In our form analytics dashboard, you can get all the statistical insights you need for your employee review form at a glance. Formplus allows you to view useful form metrics such as the total number of form submissions, number of form views, amongst other useful information . 

You can also generate custom visual reports for your form data using the reports summary tool. All you need to do is click on your preferred form field or data to generate custom visual reports in the form of beautiful graphs or charts.

Google Sheet Integration

Formplus allows you to automatically update form responses in your spreadsheet without having to import or export data. New form entries are immediately synchronized with  your Google spreadsheet; making it easier for you to edit form data and share information with important collaborators.

Custom Subdomains

Formplus allows you to create a custom URL for your employee review form. Custom subdomains are easy to remember and they also add an extra layer of security to your data gathering process.

Mobile-Friendly Forms

Our forms are mobile-friendly forms and can be completed, seamlessly, from the comfort of your mobile device. With the user-responsive interface, form respondents can conveniently view and fill out your form on their smartphones without having to pinch in or zoom out of their screens.

You can also create your employee review form on the go as the form builder is also mobile-responsive. Right on  your smartphone or any internet-enabled device, you can drag preferred fields from the builder's inputs section into your employee review form.

Multi-Page Forms

Formplus allows you to organize your employee review form by separating from fields into multiple pages. You can place one form field per page or group similar form fields into sections and place each section in a different page in your employee review form. 

Separating your form into multiple pages makes it more professional and boosts your form submission rates.

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