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Employee Request Form Template

Run an HR Staffing agency? Use this employee request form to collect relevant information on the kind of employees your clients want. Collect relevant information like their contact details, education information, skill description, etc. This form template can be easily customized to suit your company’s needs and preferences.

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Employee Request Form Template template

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Employee Request Form Template

What is an Employee Request Form?

An employee request form is a document used by organizations to facilitate work-related requests either by employees to HR managers or by the HR managers to their required reporting channels. The request could vary from the need to hire new employees and subsequent approvals to hire, request for training, leave, allowances, employee loans, etc. 

How to Request a New Employee:

The first step to requesting a new employee would be to define the role and the needs it would be meeting.

Next, outline the responsibilities this new hire would fulfill and the relevant qualifications required that would make a good fit.

Set the appropriate remuneration commensurate with the role.

Share your request using the theFormplus employee request form

How to create an Employee request form with Formplus.

  • Sign up to Formplus, to access the form template library,
  • Select the employee request form
  • Use the drag-and-drop form builder to include your already defined fields, Include your name and any other relevant details based on the unique specification of your organization.
  • Share the form with appropriate stakeholder for their comments review and subsequent approval by either an email link or QR code.

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