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Employee Referral Form Template

Use this employee referrals from template to get professional referrals from your networks or management for internal positions in your companies. Start getting the perfect placement for the vacant roles in your organization by allowing recommendations from industry trusted experts. Get started now with this online employee referral form template.

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Employee Referral Form Template template



File Uploads

Enjoy flexible and unlimited uploads with Formplus. In the  form builder, you can add different file upload fields available to allow you to directly collect numerous file types of any size in your employee referral form, including cover letters and images. 

You can also rename received files using specific form fields that can be used for file renaming. Formplus is fully integrated with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox external cloud storage systems so that you can easily organize all received files and share them with your team members.

Google Sheets Integration

Formplus allows you to instantly sync your form responses with Google sheets. With Google Sheets integration, you can automatically update new form submissions in your spreadsheet without having to import or export form data. 

This makes it possible for you to share form data with your team members and stakeholders while keeping them up-to-date on your data collection process. In Google Sheets, you can add important collaborators to documents and easily work on your employee referral form data. 


Formplus allows you to automatically notify form respondents of a received submission by sending out an autoresponder as a confirmation email. You can even include a copy of the submitted form in your autoresponder email or provide additional information with regards to your employee referral screening process.

Easy-to-Use Form Builder

In the Formplus builder, you can easily drag and drop preferred form fields into your employee referral form. The form builder is easy to use and does not require any prior knowledge of programming. 

There are over 30 form fields available in the builder and these fields allow you to seamlessly gather different information from the respondents. In the builder, you can change the outlook of your form using the available customization features and you can also modify form fields.

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic helps you to collect the most relevant information in your employee referral form by hiding and showing form fields based on already-provided responses. It works by allowing a form respondent to view only fields that are applicable to him or her. 

This helps you to create a smarter and more concise employee referral form that can be filled out in no time. With conditional logic, respondents can focus on filling out important form fields without having to skim through irrelevant fields.

Intro and Post Submission Pages

If you wish to, you can add intro and/or post submission pages to your employee referral form. In the form’s intro page, you can include any useful information you wish to pass across that will prove useful to the person filling out the form. 

In the post submission page, you can include a custom message for the form respondent. This message will be displayed once the form respondent fills out and successfully submitted your form, and it can be a simple "thank you" note or contain other necessary information.

E-Signature Field

Collect digital signatures from employees submitting referrals to your organization. With the e-signature field in the form builder, form respondents can conveniently submit their digital signatures directly in your referral form. 

All received signatures are saved as images in your preferred cloud storage so that you can easily access them whenever you wish. Just like the other form fields in the builder, the e-signature field is mobile-friendly so that respondents can submit their signatures using their internet-enabled devices.

Customization Options

In the Formplus form builder, there are numerous form customization options that can help you to modify the appearance of your employee referral form. You can tweak background images, insert your organization's logo and change the background color of your form, among other things. 

Interestingly, you do not need any knowledge of CSS to tweak the outlook of your form. However, if you do have knowledge of CSS, then you can do more in the builder such as stylizing your form, changing the form layout and so on.

Attachments in Emails

If you wish to, you can attach a PDF or Word copy of the completed employee referral form in your email notifications. With Formplus, you can easily send copies of submitted forms as email attachments to form respondents and other stakeholders, so that everyone stays updated.

Email Notifications

You can send automatic email notifications to your team members and other collaborators as you receive submissions in your employee referral form. In the email notifications, you can include an attachment of the received form responses as a Word or PDF document. 

Formplus also allows you to determine how often email notifications will be sent out to others; that is, whether as daily, weekly or monthly reports. This boosts the communication within your team as they stay up-to-date on your data collection process.

Secure Storage

With Formplus, you can rest assured that your form data stays 100% secure. Formplus is synced with secure external cloud storage systems including OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox so that you can directly receive, organize and share your form data in these storage systems. 

In addition, all Formplus forms are SSL-enabled and GDPR-compliant so that your employee referral form is fully protected. You can also add a CAPTCHA to prevent false information and spam data from being submitted in your employee referral form.

Multiple Sharing Options

With Formplus, you can conveniently share your referral form to industry experts using any of the available form sharing options. For instance, you can embed the employee referral form on your website or use share to your social media pages using the direct sharing buttons. 

Formplus also allows you to share your form as email invitations to form respondents. In addition, your employee referral form has a unique QR code that you can download and print out on banners and business cards so that respondents only need to scan to fill.

Field Validation

Formplus allows you to validate information provided by respondents in your referral form, and this helps you to gather accurate information and prevent false submissions in your form. You can set field validation for different form fields such as text fields, number fields, and file uploads. 

When a form respondent inputs data in the wrong format, field validation flags it down and an error message will be displayed in the form. This means that you can be sure of gathering better data while avoiding erroneous data. 

Teams & Collaboration

You can add multiple users to your shared Formplus account and work on forms and responses together. Formplus enables you to easily collaborate with important stakeholders and team members by adding them to a shared Formplus account. 

Formplus uses an audit trail to track any changes and suggestions made by team members to your referral form. Also, as the account administrator, you can assign roles and permissions and you can grant or restrict access to forms, folders, and data..

Save and Resume Later

Formplus allows users to save partially completed forms and resume completion at a later date. By enabling save and resume in your referral form, form respondents can now save already inputted form responses and access these pieces of information when they wish.

Usually, a link to the partially completed form is sent to the email of the user; this link can be used to access your employee referral form when the user is ready to complete it. Formplus also allows you to capture the information already filled out in an incomplete form using Partial Submissions.

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