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Employee Nomination Form Template

Employee nomination within an organization is a great way to boost productivity and foster a sense of community in a company. Use this employee nomination form template to allow employees to nominate their colleagues' performances based on certain qualities like punctuality, efficiency, teamwork, etc. You can also view the highest nominated employee in Formplus Reports.

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Tips For Using the Employee Nomination Form Template

Recognizing remarkable employee performance is important for creating a positive work environment that fosters employee motivation and satisfaction. Employee nomination forms are a great way to encourage this by allowing coworkers to acknowledge and nominate one another for incredible work.

Employee nomination forms also let you recognize and reward exceptional employees. This boosts employee morale and your company's overall performance.

Let's look at employee nomination forms and how to create them effortlessly with Formplus.

What Is Employee Nomination Form?

An employee nomination form is a document that enables employees to recognize and nominate one another for exceptional performance, behavior, or achievements. Employees use it to nominate coworkers based on how they've seen the person perform in leadership, teamwork, innovation, customer service, and more.

Employee nomination forms help streamline the candidate selection process for recognition programs, awards, and even promotions. Managers and HR can also use it to collect objective employee performance reviews.

You can also use employee nomination forms to foster a sense of community and teamwork within an organization. The nomination process allows employees to recognize one another’s value and contributions to the company's growth.

What Should Be in a Nomination Form?

  • Nominee and Nominator Information: Name, job role, and contact details of the person being nominated, and the person submitting the nomination.
  • Categories: This indicates why the employee has been nominated. For example, punctuality, efficiency, teamwork, problem-solving, and so on.
  • Rating Scale: This measures how well the nominator does in the category they are being selected for.
  • Additional Comments: An open-ended textbox that allows the nominator to provide context for nominating their colleague.

How Do I Write an Employee Nomination?

  1. Go to the Formplus Employee Nomination Form
  2. Next, sign in or create a Formplus account.
  3. Edit the form questions to fit your organization.
  4. Next, customize the look and feel of the form by changing its theme, background, color, font, and more.
  5. Add conditional logic to personalize the form. You can use conditional logic to skip questions that are irrelevant to certain employees.
  6. Share the survey with employees via email, social media, QR code, or embed it on your website.
  7. Use the analytics tool to find out the employees with the most outstanding performance.


Employee nomination forms are a simple and effective way to recognize and reward outstanding employees. It helps you identify remarkable employees, boost their morale, and promote a positive workplace culture.

Streamline your employee nomination process with the Formplus employee nomination form template. All you have to do is make a few tweaks and you're done in minutes!

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