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Employee Evaluation Form Template

Create an Employee Evaluation form to review and document employee’s daily, monthly or annual performance. It is the same as an assessment form for employees which helps HR departments with better decision-making. It can be used to align individual goals with those of the organization, identify training needs, provide clear communication for work responsibilities and encourage positive relationships in all tier levels of an organization. Create a free 21 days trial account to use the employee evaluation form template now!

Use this template



Employee Evaluation Form Template template



Use Google sheets to streamline better

Use Formplus’ integration – Google Sheet – to streamline submitted data. This allows you to create  an extra backup of employees responses, which you can share to team members. 


Turn on the Google Sheets integration by logging into your Google account within Formplus and manage data with ease.

Manage Data with Google Sheet
Rating Fields Are Useful For Employee Evaluation

In addition to having the employee’s details and the duration of on and off work hours on the employee evaluation form, most performance reviews use some kind of rating scale. For example, you might consider using smileys or matrix to distinguish between average and above average performance, to identify whether employees met their goals/objectives or not.

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Let employees submit responses in offline mode

The employee evaluation form can be filled without an internet connection. This comes by default and you do not need to enable any option or install any application to make this work. The online form automatically detects when there is no network connectivity and allows the form to be submitted offline.

It therefore means that you can have employees submitting responses from rural areas, places with poor connectivity etc. The employees only have to fill in their responses and the form responses are synced automatically when the device is back online.  

Signup to Collect Data Offline
Add Important Instructions at the Start and End of an Online Form

The employee evaluation form allows you add a welcome message with instructions at the beginning of the evaluation form, just so supervisors have all the necessary information before hand. You can also add a confirmation message at the end of the form to inform them of the next step after submitting their evaluation form.

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Get Unlimited Storage with Formplus

Store unlimited file types and sizes on Formplus cloud storage. This takes away storing files/documents on local storage devices, which can be easily passed on to the wrong hands.You can also store files and responses on Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive cloud storage services. The integrations are seamless and can be used across the entire organization.

Store Employee Data with Formplus
Collaborate with members of your HR team

As team members, you may want  to collaborate with on important projects within and outside the company, such as recruitment and evaluations.  With Formplus, it is actually a lot easier for other members on the HR team to take an active part in employee evaluations. You can invite them to create, and modify forms as well as approve and deny requests. Admins can use the ‘Audit Trail’ feature to track the activities of other team members on the online form.

Collaborate With Formplus
Allow employees express themselves in longer texts

A good employee evaluation form should include a section that allows the manager and the employee to plan next steps. That might include something related to the goals, or it may be words to document the performance improvement needed. It might also include goals and metrics for the next review period.

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Share Employee Evaluation Through Required Channel

You manage a large organization? We make it simple to embed your form right into your organization’s portal. No complications; just a quick copy and paste of a short code into your website HTML. You choose between having it appear as an iframe or a popup. 

It’s possible that not all employees use the website every other day, so get the employee evaluation form to them via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. 

Download the link to the employee evaluation form as a QR code and paste on easily accessible platforms where employees can just scan, have instant access to the form and submit responses.

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Collect Signatures with Evaluation Form

Make sure you capture signatures in your employee evaluation form. That way, you can document that reviews were carried out by the right personnel and feedback was provided.

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Use analytics to get insights into responses

Form analytics help you gauge how many employees interacted with the form and help you understand if they went on to submit responses or abandoned it. 

But that’s not all, analytics will also help you view a summary of responses of the employees on the evaluation form. For example, with the employee evaluation form, you could then understand that 60% of workers might need salary increase, or 70% of them want improvement in certain areas. 

Formplus’ Analytics gives you accurate numbers that can become a useful tool for organizational and employee professional growth. 

You can view summary of responses in various chart type - daily, weekly or monthly. All you have to do is go to your dashboard once responses start trickling in.

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