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Employee Background Check Form Template

The employee background check form is an official document that allows new and potential employees to authorize a background check on them. With this form, employers and companies can gather relevant data such contact details, maiden name, previous addresses, driver’s license, e-signature and so on. Get started with this authorization form today.

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Employee Background Check Form Template template

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Employee Background Check Form Template

What is an Employee Background Check:

An employee background check is a process of investigating a candidate's past experiences, qualifications, and other relevant details to help you make the right hiring choice. The goal or objective is to ensure that the information provided by the candidate is accurate, assess their eligibility for the position, and minimize potential risks associated with the hiring decision.

How to Conduct an Employee Background Check:

Obtain written consent from the candidate before conducting a background.

Disclose the kind of information that will be collected and the essence of the background check.

Contact previous employers to confirm employee employment history.

Do the same with the educational institutions stated in their resume.

For criminal history, use a federal database and police records to check a candidate's profile.

Administer drug tests via a verified and accredited medical center for safe sensitive roles.

Why Do I Need to Conduct an Employee Background Check?

  • It helps you mitigate the risk of hiring candidates with false. Secondly, you want to ensure workplace safety by ensuring you don't hire anyone with violent intent to harm tendencies.
  • To ensure compliance with any legal requirements as per industry standards.

Lastly, it provides you with a holistic understanding of a candidate's qualifications, experience, and suitability for the position.

What Do I Need to Conduct a Background Check:

  • Candidate's Consent
  • Candidate Information
  • Details from the candidate's resume
  • Legal Compliance

How to Create an Employee Background Check Form:

Sign up to Formplus to access the broad array of forms from the templates library.

Customize the form to align with your brand elements using drag and drop form builder. You can change fonts, layout, and colors, and even add your company logo.

The code-free form builder allows add new fields and any other detail you want. 

Share the form with the target users via a QR code, an email link, or by embedding the form on your website.

Voila, your employee background check is ready.

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