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Free Electronic Signature Form Template

Looking for a way to get signatures on forms? Use Formplus’ builder to collect online signature for your petitions or campaigns with our electronic signature form template which allows you sign forms online. This e-signature form is perfect form educational, political and organizational purpose.

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Free Electronic Signature Form Template template

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Save and Resume

As the name suggests, save and resume allows a form respondent to save a partially filled form for completion at a more convenient time. When a respondent saves a partially completed form, he or she receives a unique link via email that can be used to access the form at a later date. 

In addition, Formplus has a Partial Submissions option that helps you to capture the already-inputted form data in an incomplete electronic signature form. Save and resume is ideal for lengthy forms that cannot be filled out in a single attempt and it helps to reduce your form abandonment rate. 

Analytics and Reports

With the reports summary tool, you can instantly generate custom visual reports for your form data. To generate a custom visual report, all you have to do is click on your desired form field to immediately view the data as a graph or chart. 

In the form analytics dashboard, you can view important statistics about your e-signature form such as the total number of form views and the total number of form submissions. Formplus allows you to easily generate data analytics for your e-signature form template.

Conditional Logic

Formplus works with conditional logic to help you improve the quality of data collected in your electronic signature form. Conditional logic allows you to create a unique form path containing only relevant form fields for a form respondent. 

Conditional Logic works by hiding or showing form fields based on the responses already provided by the form respondent. This, in turn, allows you to create a smarter electronic signature form and gather relevant data while reducing your form abandonment rate.

E-signature Field

Formplus allows you to collect digital signatures directly in your form through the e-signature field. The e-signature field is user-responsive and it easily adapts to the screen of any internet-enabled device such as your laptop, tablet, and smartphones. 

All you have to do is click on or drag and drop the e-signature field from the builder's inputs section into your form. All received images will be saved in your preferred cloud storage as images that you can easily access whenever you want.

GDPR Compliant Form

With Formplus, you do not have to worry about data breaches or losses when you use our platform to create and administer your online consent form. This is because Formplus fully complies with the stipulations provided by the General Data Protection Regulation, that is, GDPR compliant, and this translates to 100% data security.  

In addition to full GDPR compliance, all Formplus forms are SSL-enabled too. With our fully encrypted platform, you are assured of absolute security when you collect sensitive information with our forms; especially personal data such as the phone numbers of form respondents.

Google Sheets Integration

 Formplus is fully integrated with Google sheets which makes it easy for you to organize form responses in your spreadsheet. With Google sheets integration, you can seamlessly update your spreadsheet with newly submitted form responses without having to import or export data. 

Google sheets integration enables smooth collaboration with your team members, as you can share and edit form data plus categorize and process form responses accordingly. In addition, it helps you to keep your team members updated on your data collection process. 


To make your form and data collection process even more secure and professional, Formplus allows you to enable CAPTCHA in your e-signature form. With CAPTCHA, you can prevent spams and false information from being submitted in your e-signature form. 

Tips for Using the Free Electronic Signature Template

Collect signatures online using this simple signature form template. Start by modifying this template to suit your specific needs. Use the drag and drop editor to change the fields as you’d need. 

Next, invite the signees using the email invite on the share section. Get a PDF document containing the information gotten from your submissions by setting up the Documerge feature on the settings page.

Store the responses on the secure Formplus storage or export them for further use by integrating them with your favorite tools.

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