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Drinking Habit Survey Template

The drinking habit survey is designed to help health professionals or individuals research people’s drinking habits. This data can be used to study and identify drinking patterns, the consequences and of alcohol intake on people and so on. Customize this easy-to-use Drinking Habit Survey to suit your research goals. Get started with this template today.

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What is a Drinking Habit Survey?

A drinking habit survey is a structured questionnaire designed to gather information about an individual's alcohol consumption patterns, behaviors, and attitudes. It aims to collect data on various aspects related to drinking habits, including frequency, quantity, reasons for drinking, and potential alcohol-related problems. This survey serves as a tool to assess and analyze drinking behaviors within a specific population.

What is the Purpose of a Drinking Habit Survey?

The main purpose of a drinking habit survey is to gain insights into alcohol consumption patterns and related behaviors among individuals or a targeted population. It provides valuable information for researchers, policymakers, health professionals, and organizations working in the field of substance abuse prevention and treatment. By understanding drinking habits, researchers can identify trends, risk factors, and potential areas for intervention or education.

What are the Advantages of a Drinking Habit Survey?

There are several advantages to conducting a drinking habit survey:

  1. Data Collection: A survey allows for the systematic collection of data on alcohol consumption patterns and related factors. It provides a standardized approach to gathering information, ensuring consistency and comparability of responses.
  2. Identifying Risk Factors: By analyzing survey responses, researchers can identify various risk factors associated with excessive or problematic drinking habits. This information can help in the development of targeted interventions to address these risks.
  3. Tailored Interventions: Survey results enable the customization of interventions based on specific needs identified within a population. For example, if the survey highlights a higher prevalence of binge drinking among young adults, interventions can be designed to target this specific group.
  4. Evaluation of Interventions: Surveys can be used to assess the effectiveness of interventions or policies implemented to reduce harmful drinking habits. By comparing survey results before and after an intervention, researchers can determine its impact.

How to Create a Drinking Habit Survey Using the Formplus Template

Formplus is an online form builder that offers pre-designed templates to create surveys, including drinking habit surveys. Here's a step-by-step guide on creating a drinking habit survey using the Formplus template:

  1. Access Formplus: Visit the Formplus website and sign up for an account.
  2. Select the Drinking Habit Survey Template: Once you're logged in, navigate to the template gallery and select the “drinking habit survey template”.
  3. Customize the Survey: Modify the template to fit your research objectives. You can edit questions, add or remove sections, and include demographic variables to collect relevant information.
  4. Add Logic and Validation: Use Formplus' drag and drop feature to add logical rules and validation checks to ensure accurate responses. For instance, you can set up skip logic to skip irrelevant questions based on previous answers.
  5. Test the Survey: Before distributing the survey, thoroughly test it to ensure functionality and accuracy. Make sure the questions flow logically, and the survey is user-friendly.
  6. Distribute the Survey: Once you're satisfied with the survey, distribute it to your target audience through various channels like email, social media, or embed it on a website.
  7. Analyze the Responses: After collecting the survey responses, use Formplus' analysis features or export the data to conduct further analysis using statistical software.


A drinking habit survey is a valuable tool for gathering information about alcohol consumption patterns and related behaviors. When these habits are understood, researchers, policymakers, and organizations can develop targeted interventions to address risks and reduce alcohol-related harm. Formplus provides an easy-to-use template for creating a drinking habit survey, enabling researchers to collect data efficiently and effectively. Analyzing survey responses can lead to evidence-based interventions that promote healthier drinking habits and contribute to public health efforts.

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