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Free Donation Form Template

Formplus’ Donation Form Template is the best way to gather resources for your operations - From funds for charity to religious donations, sponsorships, to funds for your non-governmental organization. With more donating options (like this form template), your nonprofit may even expand your donor base because new donors may be encouraged to make a gift once you’ve made the process easier. Get started with our free online donation form template today!

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Mobile Friendly Donation Form

Most people use mobile devices than ever as they are more comfortable and pocket-friendly too. This is why we have made Formplus’ website and form builder mobile-friendly, so you can create a form from anywhere. Your donors can also fill the form from at the train station, in the bus, at the coffee shop, at a meeting or anywhere else where their laptops might be unavailable as the online forms are mobile responsive. Get more donors with the donation form now!

Create Mobile Forms With Formplus
Receive Notifications on Donation Form Responses

Receive email notifications of donations once responses start trickling in on your online donation form. Once activated, you will receive notification of individual responses or a daily, weekly or monthly summary of responses. The responses can be sent to an email associated with your account as a PDF or DOCx file, downloaded and sent to team members or respondents. These emails can be personalized by editing the subject, writing the email body, and including options like entry details, payment information, uploaded files, and document copies of entries.

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Brand your Donation Form with Formplus

Branding is an important marketing tool for any organization and with Formplus, you can boost your nonprofit's professionalism and trustworthiness as you can have your logo placed at the top part of the Donation Form. It is as simple as uploading it and determining where it is going to be placed. You can upload an image related to your organization and use as a background image to also aid the marketing process. It is also possible to make the URL of the Donation Form unique by adding your organization’s name, so donors quickly understand the form is coming from you.

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Use Geolocation to streamline your database

When you enable the geolocation feature on your online donation form, all donors have to accept to share their location, and you can use it to pinpoint donors’ location. Geolocation gives you an approximate location of donors using Google Maps giving you details of the longitude and latitude of the respondent.

Learn More About Geolocation
Create Secure donation forms

Donors are giving out personal details like email or address and want will like to be assured their information is not getting into the wrong hands. With a 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, communication between your web browser and our server is secured. Add another layer of protection to your forms with Google’s reCAPTCHA technology. Formplus uses reCAPTCHA, which uses machine learning and risk analysis to prevent bots from flooding your submissions with spam. The donor only has to verify their identity and you can be assured that you will prevent unwanted information from entering your database and still provide people with a seamless form experience.

Secure Forms Data with Formplus
Accept donations with secure payment platforms

We understand that donations are the heart of any nonprofit, this is why you can process online donations with Formplus in a secure and less time consuming operation, and our secure payment integrations ensure this. All you have to do is add your preferred payment integration to your online Donation Form and start receiving donations with ease. Through our integration with Flutterwave, PayPal or Stripe, we can help you collect payments in Euros, Dollars, Pounds, Yen and more. Whether it is a church contribution, funds for an NGO, donations for a charity project, you can get the details of the transactions as soon as submissions roll in.

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Tips for Using the Donation Form Template

Collect online donations for your non-profit, church, and other needs with this free donation form template. Start by modifying the form questions to suit your preferred needs. You can also customize the form design with any of the preset themes or your custom CSS. After designing, share this form via social media, a QR code, email, or form link. Set up an autoresponder email to instantly acknowledge the donations. This can also serve as a receipt for the donor. 

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