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Dog Adoption Form Template

Make it easier for dog lovers to adopt a pet online with this dog adoption form template. Collect applicants’ contact details, housing information, history and experiences with dogs, the reason for adoption, dog preference, availability, and other relevant information. Use the dog adoption form to make application easier and faster.

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The dog adoption form is a vital document utilized in the process of adopting a dog from an animal shelter, rescue organization, or a responsible breeder. This form gathers essential information about the prospective adopter and ensures that the adoption process is conducted responsibly and in the best interest of the dog.

What is a Dog Adoption Form?

The dog adoption form is a structured questionnaire designed to collect relevant details from potential dog adopters. It serves as a screening tool for adoption agencies to assess the suitability of the applicant and match them with a compatible dog. The form typically includes questions about the adopter's living situation, lifestyle, experience with pets, and the care they can provide for the dog.

What are the Uses of a Dog Adoption Form?

  • Assessment: Adoption agencies use the form to evaluate the applicant's ability to care for a dog. It helps them determine whether the applicant can meet the dog's physical, emotional, and financial needs.
  • Matchmaking: The information provided in the form assists adoption counselors in matching the right dog with the right adopter. This ensures a harmonious and lasting relationship between the pet and their new owner.
  • Legal Documentation: The dog adoption form serves as a legal contract between the adoption agency and the adopter. It sets out the terms and conditions of the adoption and may include clauses regarding responsible pet ownership, medical care, and spaying/neutering.

How to Create a Dog Adoption Form Using the Formplus Template

  • Visit Formplus: Go to the Formplus website and sign up for an account to get started.
  • Select a Template: Search for "Dog Adoption Form" or a related keyword. After selecting the template, you can customize it according to your organization's needs. Add or remove questions, modify the layout, and personalize the form with your logo and colors.
  • Add Questions: Include essential questions such as the applicant's contact information, living arrangements, previous pet ownership experience, and reasons for wanting to adopt a dog.
  • Integrate Payment Option (Optional): If your organization requires an adoption fee, integrate a payment gateway into the form to allow applicants to make payments online.
  • Test the Form: Before making the form live, test it thoroughly to ensure all the questions function correctly and that the form is user-friendly.
  • Share the Form: Once you are satisfied with the form, publish it on your website or share the link directly with potential adopters.


The dog adoption form plays a crucial role in facilitating responsible pet adoptions. Using a structured and comprehensive form like the one provided by Formplus can help adoption agencies ensure that dogs find loving and suitable forever homes while promoting responsible pet ownership.

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