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Doctor Referral Form Template

The doctor referral form can be used by doctors to refer patients to other doctors and specialists. With this form, doctors can fill out the patient’s information, diagnosis treatment plan, reason for referral, and so on. Get started with this referral form by either embedding it on your website or by using it as a standalone form.

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Doctor Referral Form Template template

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Doctor Referral Form Template

How to Write a Doctor Referral Form:

  1. Patient Information: Collect basic details such as patient name, date of birth, contact information, and relevant medical history.
  2. Referring Doctor's Information: Include the referring doctor's name, contact details, and medical credentials.
  3. Reason for Referral: Clearly state the medical condition or reason prompting the referral.
  4. Diagnosis and Treatment Plan: Provide a summary of the patient's diagnosis and the treatment plan initiated by the referring doctor.
  5. Specialist Information: Include details of the specialist or receiving doctor, such as their name, specialty, and contact information.
  6. Relevant Medical Records: Attach any necessary medical records, test results, or imaging studies that support the referral.
  7. Patient Consent: Include a section for patient consent to share medical information with the referred specialist.

Purpose of a Doctor's Referral:

  1. Specialized Care:
  2. Facilitate access to specialized medical care that may be beyond the scope of the referring doctor's expertise.
  3. Collaboration:
  4. Encourage collaboration and communication between healthcare providers for comprehensive patient care.
  5. Diagnostic Assistance:
  6. Seek assistance from specialists for accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
  7. Continuity of Care:
  8. Ensure continuity of care by involving other healthcare professionals in the patient's treatment plan.

How to Create a Doctor Referral Form Using the Formplus Template:

  1. Access Formplus Template: Choose a Doctor Referral form template from Formplus that suits your specific needs.
  2. Customize Form Fields: Modify the template to include specific fields such as patient information, reason for referral, treatment plan, and specialist details.
  3. Include File Uploads: Allow doctors to attach relevant medical records or documents that support the referral.
  4. Consent Section: Add a section for patient consent to share medical information with the referred specialist.
  5. Logic and Conditions: Implement logic and conditions to guide users through the form and ensure accurate data collection.
  6. Design and Branding: Customize the form's design to align with your organization's visual identity.
  7. Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure that the form is accessible and user-friendly on mobile devices.
  8. Sharing and Embedding: Use Formplus features to share the doctor referral form through email, and direct links, or embed it on a website.

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