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Free Distributor Order Form Template

The distributor order form is designed to allow distributors to order, pay, and make a delivery request online. With this form, distributors can indicate the items, units and quantity they will like to order. Take advantage of the flexible customization options to beautify this template and tailor it to your brand. Use this Distributor Order Form template to make it easy for distributors to place their orders.

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Free Distributor Order Form Template template

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Tips For Using the Free Distributor Order Form Template

 What Is a Distributor Order Form?

A distributor order form is a document used by distributors to make requests for products from suppliers. Details of minimum quantities, product types, and prices are defined in distributor order forms. This way suppliers can structure orders received according to categories and have different departments for easy processing and reconciliation.

How Do I Make a Distributor Order Form:

Define the parameters that qualify a buyer as a distributor and once you have established that, adopt the following steps.

  • Sign up to Formplus to access the distributor order form template.
  • Customize the form with Formplus code free Formbuilder to accommodate your unique specifications, product segments quantities categories prices, automated calculation fields, etc.
  • Set up your payment details using any of the trusted payment platforms like Stripe PayPal, etc that allow you to receive payment directly to your bank account.
  • Share the form with customers or individuals who have expressed interest in being product distributors for your brand, either via a QR code email link or by simply embedding the form on your website.

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