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Free Data Request Form Template

The data request form is designed to allow individuals to request specific data from educational institutions. With this form, individuals can fill out their contact information, the type of data they're requesting, the purpose of the request, etc. Tailor this customizable template to suit your institution’s needs and preferences. Get started with this free template today.

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Free Data Request Form Template template

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Tips For Using the Data Request Form Template

Running a successful business without data is almost impossible. You need accurate and up-to-date information about products, services, and competitors to design effective marketing campaigns and offer relevant products.

A data request form is a powerful tool that allows you to collect information from clients, partners, or contractors. 

Learn more about data request forms and how to create them with Formplus templates.

What Is a Data Request Form?

A data request form is a document that enables you to collect information about a product, service, or company. You can use it to request different kinds of data, including contact details, financial data, brand information, product specifications, and more.

One of the primary benefits of using a data request form is that it helps you keep your records updated. It ensures that you have correct information about clients, partners, and contractors.

You can also use the data collected with this form to develop and optimize products and services. It also helps you understand your customers, partners, and competitors better, allowing you to effectively channel your marketing and sales efforts.

What Should Be Included in a Data Request Form?

1. Contact information: Name, email address, and phone number of the person or organization submitting the request.

2. Request purpose: Why is the person or organization requesting the information?

3. Requested Information: What kind of information does the requestor need- financial, employee, etc

4. Data security and privacy disclaimer: a statement outlining how the data will be used and protected to ensure confidentiality.

5. Authorization: A disclaimer about how the requested information will be used. This can include a consent statement, a privacy policy, or any other relevant legal disclaimers.

6. Signature and Date: A signature and date to confirm that the requester consent to the terms and conditions of the data request.

How Do You Prepare a Data Request?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you prepare a data request form using the Formplus template:

  1. Go to  the data request form template, and click “use this template.”
  2. Customize the form to fit your specifications. You can add, remove, or edit the form fields
  3. Customize the form’s design to fit your brand.
  4. Choose your preferred form settings- notification, autoresponder, post submission page, etc.
  5. Share the form- you can share it via email, QR code, social media, or embed it on a landing page.
  6. Monitor form responses
  7. Use the information to update your records, and learn more about your customers, partners, or contractors.


Data request forms allow you to collect valuable information about their clients, partners, or contractors. 

Want to create data request forms the easier way? Get started with this Formplus user-friendly data request form template.

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