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Customer Referral Form Template

Word of mouth is a great way to gain new customers for your business. The customer referral form helps business allow satisfied customers refer new customers to their business. With this form, customers can fill out their contact details and that of their referrals. This customer referral signup form template can be customized with your brand colors, logo, and also beautified using Formplus' flexible customization options. Use this form by embedding it on your website or sharing it as a standalone form.

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A customer referral form is a tool for effective advertising. This is true because 88% of people trust products referred to them by other users. For you to take advantage of this, Formplus has put together this powerful customer referral form template. This form can be personalized with your brand colors and logo, prepared font style, and even layout, but that’s not all. With the flexible sharing options, the customer referral form can be shared smartly across multiple platforms.

Here are some answers to questions frequently asked about the customer referral form.

What are Referral Forms?

Referral forms are documents used by businesses to drive customer referrals and most times they have incentives tied to them. It usually includes the name of the referrer and the details of the customer being referred. Instructions on how to make a referral are usually included on the form and sometimes the incentives offered are specified on the document. the documents used by businesses to facilitate customer referrals. 

What is a Customer Referral Form?

A customer referral form is a document used by businesses to provide a structured way for existing customers to promote their businesses. products or brands to friends, and families and friends within their reach or network. designed by businesses to allow existing customers to tell their friends and family about a particular brand, product, or service. Details required on the form are the contact details of the referrer and the customer being referred. This way businesses can track sales made from this channel of marketing, and measure its effectiveness.

How Do You Make a Customer Referral Form?

To make a customer referral form, you can just sign up to Formplus to access the ready-to-use customer referral form template. With Formplus's flexible customization option, you can edit the form to add fields, change the layout, and align the form to match with your brand elements, with the free drag-and-drop form builder.

The advanced sharing options let you embed the form on your preferred online channel, social media, podcast site, blog, and website. There is also the option of sharing the form via an email link or a QR code.

The intuitive notification feature helps you know when you receive a new referral on the go all in real-time irrespective of your geolocation.

The analytics and reporting feature lets you know at a glance how many referrals you receive, the highest referring customer, and any other information based on the criteria you set. Sign up with Formplus to access the customer referral form.


Customer referral forms are an effective way to make your satisfied existing customers your brand ambassadors or promoters, usually for rewards like gifts, coupon codes, and discounts. This type of referral has proven to be effective over time.

Formplus helps you streamline this process with the carefully curated customer referral form that can be customized to match your branding requirements. You can also add more fields with the quick style easy to use drag and drop form builder. Sign up here to streamline your customer referral process with this form.

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