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Customer Enquiry Form Template

The customer enquiry form is an information tool that can be used by customers to enquire about your products and services. With this enquiry form, customers can fill out their contact information and enquiries. This form can be personalised by using your brand logo and colours. Get started with this form by either using it as a standalone form or by embedding it on your website.

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Customer Enquiry Form Template template

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Customer Enquiry Form Template

What is a Customer Inquiry Form:

A customer inquiry form is a tool used by businesses to streamline the process of collecting relevant information from customers who have questions or inquiries. This form typically includes fields for the customer's contact details, the nature of their inquiry, and any additional information necessary for the business to provide a prompt and accurate response.

How to Create a Customer Enquiry Form:

  • Sign up to Fromplus to access the wide array of form templates from the template library.
  • Use the drag and drop from the builder to add or include relevant fields as per your industry standard. With this code-free form builder, you can customize the customer inquiry form to add other sections or any details you want. You can change the format layout, and color fonts, and even add images of your brands and company logo.
  • Share the form with the prospective customer via QR codes, an email link, or by embedding the form on your website or preferred online channel.
  • The smart notification feature alerts you each time in real-time an inquiry is made to facilitate prompt response and efficient processing and response to a customer inquiry.

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