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Credit Application Form Template

Process credit applications quickly and cleanly by using a credit application form. Having a credit application form allows applicants present all contact and background information in a efficient manner. Customize our credit application form sample now!

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Credit Application Form Template template

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Analytics and Reports

With the report summary tool in the builder, you can generate custom visual reports for your form data. Once you select your preferred form field or data, the reports summary tool will automatically display the information in the form of a detailed graph or chart. 

Formplus allows you to gain useful insights into your data collection process without any need for coding. You can access important metrics such as the total number of form views, weekly and daily submissions plus the physical locations of form submissions in the form analytics dashboard.

Redirect After Submission

You can automatically redirect a form respondent to another form or page, immediately they make a successful submission in your credit application template. Formplus allows you to add a redirect link to your form, to send users to another page on your website. 

The user direct option allows you to showcase other products and services offered by your organization. It also helps you to provide the form respondent with more insight into your organization.

Autoresponder Emails

Send out automatic confirmation emails to form respondents immediately a new entry is made in your credit application template. Formplus allows you to automatically notify a form respondent via an autoresponder email when you receive his or her form submission. 

In the autoresponder, you can include relevant information about the credit application process and you can also attach a copy of the completed form in Docx or PDF format. Sending out autoresponder emails to form respondents makes your communication process more efficient.

Export Data as Google Sheet or CSV

With Formplus, it is easy for you to organize and analyze form data with your team. You can directly export form data and folders to others in different file formats including PDF and CSV and you can automatically update form data in Google Sheets.

Form Customisation

Formplus has numerous form customization options that you can use to create a unique and appealing credit application form. In the form customization section, you can do several things including adding your organization's logo to your form and changing form fonts. 

You do not need to have any idea of CSS to make use of the builder's customization options. However, if you understand CSS, you can do a lot more to Formplus forms including changing the form layouts, modifying form themes, and stylizing forms.

Logic Option

optimize your data collection process by creating  a smarter and more concise credit application form. Formplus logic gives you the liberty of hiding or showing form fields based on the information already inputted by the form respondent.

This way, form respondents will only view and fill out form fields that are relevant to them. Form logic cuts down on the time spent in filling out your form and allows you to gather more precise information from form respondents. 

Private Forms

Private or restricted forms are most applicable  in situations where you wish to limit access to your credit application form. This means that form respondents would need to sign in to your Formplus shared account before they can view and fill out your form. 

Formplus allows you to restrict access to your credit application form by making it private. As the name suggests, private forms can be shared with your team members and other collaborators privately; once these persons are added to your Formplus account.

Tips for Using the Credit Application Form

Receive and process credit applications faster with this new customer credit application form. Start by modifying form fields with the easy form builder to collect the specific information you’d want. For example, you can add a signature field to receive legally binding signatures from your customers. You can also choose to redesign the entire form by using custom CSS or any of the preset themes available. Get notified of the applications you’ve received so far by turning on notifications on the settings page. You can also give feedback by setting up an auto-responder email. 

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