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Course Evaluation Form Template

Our Course Evaluation form template helps you measure your student’s degree of understanding. The feedback you will receive during this process will help you better understand your students and show you ways to better communicate with them. This form template is a great way to assess your course content and delivery so that you know to improve understanding among your students.

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Course Evaluation Form Template template



Work with school admin on evaluation forms

We know you hardly ever work alone and you might probably need your colleagues/parents to help you streamline the responses from the students. Formplus makes this easy as you can add them to work with you on the course evaluation form. All you have to do is send an email invitation and once they accept the request, you are on your way. It means that you can have your colleagues create, edit and delete forms but with an Audit Trail, you will be able to monitor their activities on the form. Team collaboration on course evaluation forms have not been easier.

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Use Offline Forms to help students

There are times when connecting to the internet is almost impossible. With Formplus, you can activate ‘Offline Forms’ which allows students fill in their responses in an offline mode and are submitted once their devices can connect to the internet.

Get Offline Responses with Formplus
Make the form private

You can restrict access to the course evaluation form making sure that only those who are invited or have the sign-in details can view or submit a responses. With this, only students that took the course are granted access and will be able to submit responses. Create better course evaluation forms with Formplus today!

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Use aesthetics to make the form more attractive

Set unique attributes for your evaluation form by incorporating your institution’s logo which acts as an identity. Use colors (for the font, background) that help to tell your story, that creates a friendly atmosphere, so students submit honest responses. You can also customize the appearance of the buttons in your form and change your form themes to fit the purpose of the form or the style of your institution.

Beautify Evaluation Forms with Formplus
Be notified of submissions

With Formplus, you can receive email notifications for submissions to your course evaluation form. You can choose to receive notifications after each form submission, on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, or on a monthly basis. Email notifications are sent to the email associated with your Formplus account by default. You can also send these email notifications to other email addresses

Get Form Notification with Formplus
Streamline smarter with spreadsheets

With an online course evaluation form created in Formplus, responses can be updated automatically into spreadsheets. The Google Sheets integration allows you see/view the student’s responses in rows and columns, once they hit the submit button. With this, you can create a backup for submissions and even share other members of your team.

Send Form Data Directly to Google Sheet
Use deadlines when necessary

Have a deadline in mind? You can set this up the course evaluation form to close on a particular date or after a number of responses have been received. Upon the expiration of the submission deadline or when the form has hit the set response limit, students will no longer be able to submit responses.

Enable Deadlines on Your Evaluation Form
You can store responses in one database

Backup your form responses by storing them in Formplus database. This is especially helpful if you are not keen on integrating third-party apps with your processes. You can then set permissions for files and responses among your team.

Use Formplus Cloud Storage
Allow students to save their progress and resume later

You can allow your students to save their progress and continue later. This improves the overall completion rate of your online form and provides a better experience for your students. It is also especially helpful when you create a long form or a multi-page course evaluation form. A Save and Continue later button will help you reduce abandonment rate.

Create Multi-Page Form with Formplus
A Matrix field does the job

Now you can add a matrix field to your course evaluation form to make it easier. This allows you add closed-ended questions to evaluate one or more items. For example, you could ask ‘how the content improved your knowledge of the course’, ‘how satisfied are you with the instructor’s teaching skills’, and ‘how would you rate the value it has added’ in one column. The student can then make a selection between ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’ and ‘Excellent’.

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Add an Intro and Post Submission message

Formplus lets you add an introductory message to your course evaluation form. This page is displayed before your actual form and it can be useful for communicating instructions to your students. You might also want to communicate why the evaluation is useful for improvement and why they should be honest with their responses. You can also customize a final message that will be displayed to your students after they have filled and successfully submitted your course evaluation form. Here, you can add a ‘Thank You’, further instructions or any other information you will like your students to know.

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Share and embed the evaluation form to get more responses

Display the course evaluation form on your school's website or class forum. You can do this as an iframe or as a popup. You can also embed the form on your Facebook page, share on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also download the form link as a QR code and paste on open platforms, including class boards, notice boards and so on. Receive responses via an SMS conversation, once you share the link to phone contacts. And if sharing via emails is preferrable, invite students and/or teachers to the course evaluation form via a customized email.

Embed Forms With Formplus Now
Workflows makes course evaluations even more smarter

Set up seamless online workflows to help you automate your manual processes. Formplus has an automated workflow management tool to help reduce many time-consuming administrative tasks like admissions process, permission forms, finding and recording teacher substitutions, progress reports and so much more. All you need to do is, create a single or multi-level approval process, such that when one teacher or a student fills a form, a supervisor looks through the responses and makes comments, then passes it on to the Principal or Vice Chancellor, who then decides whether to approve or reject the suggestions, comments from the form.

Make Smart Forms with Formplus

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