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Correlational Research Survey Template

Efficiently study the correlation between two variables with this correlational research survey template. You can measure variables like product price and the relationship it has with the number of products purchased. The correlation between these variables can be recorded at a glance in the form analytics section.

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Tips For Using the Correlational Research Survey Template

Correlational research is a valuable tool for investigating the relationship between two or more variables. It helps you collect data from a large population and identify patterns, trends, as well as relationships between selected variables.

Here’s how to create an effective correlational survey with Formplus.

How Do You Conduct a Correlational Research Survey?

Step 1- Open the Formplus Correlation Research Survey template.

Step 2- Edit and customize the form to fit your research objectives. For example, you can add instructions and disclaimers to ensure that the respondents understand the purpose of the survey.

Step 3- Choose your preferred settings

Step 4- Share the survey with your target audience via email, social media, or a website link.

Step 5- Monitor and analyze the data using the responses and analytics dashboard.

What Is a Correlational Survey in Research?

Correlational research questions are designed to scrutinize the relationship between variables and help you to detect data trends and patterns.

A correlational survey, for example, can help you determine if the number of your service subscription is tied to its price. If there is a significant correlation, you can use it to decide whether or not to optimize your subscription pricing.

What Is an Example of a Correlational Research Question?

Here are some real-life examples of correlational research questions:

  • Is there a relationship between employee motivation and employee turnover?
  • Does the frequency of drug use correlate with the incidence of mental health issues?
  • Does a product’s price affect the number of units sold?
  • Is there a relationship between stress levels and productivity?
  • Does parental involvement correlate with academic achievement?
  • Is there a correlation between income level and happiness?
  • Does the type of music listen to depend on your mood?

What Is a Correlational Survey Design?

A correlational survey design is the research method used to assess the relationship between two variables. The primary goal of the survey design is to guide you in determining the degree and direction of the relationship between the chosen variables.

Typically, the steps involved in a correlational survey design include identifying the variables of interest, developing an effective survey questionnaire, selecting a representative sample, and collecting as well as analyzing the data to draw conclusions on the level and direction of the correlation.

Can You Use a Survey in Correlational Research?

Yes, surveys are a common method for collecting data for correlational research. It’s cost-effective for gathering data from a large target audience.

Correlation research surveys allow you to reach more people from different demographics, reducing the likelihood of sample bias. It also reduces the cost of physical interviews, lowers the likelihood of human error, and provides a more reliable method of storing data.

Use this correlational research survey template to collect data more easily and reduce your research workload!

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