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Contest Entry Form Template

Use an online form to collect competitors information, category and payment details. Let people engage with your organization through contest participation.

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Contest Entry Form Template template



Form customization

Make your contest entry form template unique and more appealing by tweaking it to suit your organization's needs. Formplus offers a range of form customization options that you can use to tweak and personalize the outlook of your contest entry form template. 

You can change the default theme of your form and add your organization's logo and preferred background images. If you have knowledge of CSS, you can go further to create a personalized styling outlook for your contest entry form.

Receive Submissions as Docx or PDF

When sending out confirmation emails to form respondents and email notifications to others, you can include a copy of the form submission as a Docx or PDF attachment. This will improve your communication process by keeping everyone in the loop.

Submission Deadlines and Limits

With Formplus, you can set a limit on the total number of submissions that can be made in your contest entry form. This feature is important because it helps you and your team members to optimise and stay in sync with your overall event planning process.

In addition, Formplus also allows you to set a submission deadline for your form. After creating your contest entry form, you can specify the date you would like to stop receiving new submissions in your form via the setting tab in the form builder. 

Custom Subdomain to Host Forms

Create a custom subdomain for your contest entry form by adding your organization's name to your form link. This feature improves the overall user experience as form respondents can easily ascertain the authenticity of your contest form before filing. 

A custom subdomain can also be used as a tool for marketing your contest while promoting your company's image. Ensure that you create a simple and easy to remember subdomain that can leave a lasting impression on your form respondents.

Form Fields: Table field, Hidden and Read-Only Fields

With over 30 form fields available in the form builder, Formplus enables you to collect a variety of information directly in your contest entry form. For example, with the row field, you can place your form fields in a row and allow respondents to add new rows before they fill in their information. 

You can also add a table field to your contest entry form. In addition, you can modify your form fields to be hidden or read-only depending on how you choose to collect information in your contest entry form template.

Mobile-Friendly Forms, Conditional Logic, and Multi-Page Forms

With conditional logic, you can reduce the time spent in filling out your contest entry form by hiding or showing form fields based on already provided responses. Conditional logic works by keeping away fields that do not apply to the form respondent. 

Formplus also allows you to create mobile-friendly forms that are responsive to any device and provide a maximum user experience. This means that participants can fill out your contest entry form without having to pinch in or zoom out of your form. 

You can organize your form fields into multiple pages so that your contest entry form appears more professional and concise. You can also choose to place similar questions within the same page or under the same section in your contest entry form.

File Uploads and Storage Integrations

Formplus offers multiple storage options for you so that you can store your form data the way you like. Formplus is integrated with external cloud storage including Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox so that you can save and view your form data in your preferred external cloud storage. 

Formplus also supports flexible and unlimited file uploads so that you can directly collect files of any size in your contest entry form. In addition, you can easily organize all file uploads received in your form renaming files using specific form fields.

Embed Forms and Multiple Sharing

You can embed your contest template as an iframe or pop-up on your website so that respondents can easily access it from there. You can also embed your contest form on your website as a widget through a WordPress plugin. 

If you wish to collect responses via social media, you can share your form directly via the social media direct sharing buttons. In addition, Formplus allows you to share your form as a unique QR code that can be uploaded on your website or printed on banners and fliers.

Autoresponder Emails and Email Notification to others

Send out custom submission confirmation messages as email auto-responses when a form respondent successfully submits your contest entry form. You may choose to configure your autoresponder to include further information about your contest such as screening dates or expected feedback dates. 

You can also automatically send out email notifications to team members and collaborators when a form submission is made. In addition, Formplus allows you to attach copies of form submissions as PDF or Word documents in the email notifications to others.

Google Sheets Integration

With Formplus, you can sync your contest entry form with Google sheets so that form responses are automatically updated in your spreadsheet. Formplus allows you to send your form responses to Google sheets instantly without having to import or export data. 

Google sheets integration helps you to easily collaborate with team members on your contest form and form data. With Google sheets integration, your team members and other stakeholders can easily keep tabs on your form submissions and process the collected data.

Prefilled Forms and Email Invitation

Create custom prefilled contest entry forms with the prefill tool in the form builder, and share with your form respondents via custom prefill URL. With prefilled forms, you save the time used in filling out your contest form and you also improve the accuracy of responses provided. 

You can also prevent multiple entries in your contest form and track all submissions. You can send out email invitations to form respondents and prevent them from accessing the contest entry form again once they have filled out and submitted it.

Teams and Collaboration for Administrative Purposes

If you want to work on your contest entry form data with your team members, you can add them as collaborators to your shared Formplus account. This will help you create your form swiftly and organize and process all form responses easily. 

Formplus also enables you to track any changes made to your contest entry form via an audit trail. In addition, you can set permissions, restrict or grant access to forms and responses and, you can assign roles to team members.

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