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Consumer Expenditure Survey Template

The consumer expenditure survey is an analytical tool used to gather information on consumers and their purchasing habits and income. This survey can be used to study and understand the characteristics of consumers. This expenditure survey can be tailored to suit your desired feedback by using the Formplus simple editing tools. Get started with this survey today.

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Consumer Expenditure Survey Template template

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Consumer Expenditure Survey Template

What is the Consumer Expenditure Survey?

The Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) is conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to collect information on the buying habits and spending patterns of consumers in the United States. The survey provides data that helps in calculating the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and analyzing economic trends. It covers a wide range of expenditures, including housing, transportation, food, healthcare, entertainment, and more.

How are Consumer Expenditure Survey Data Collected?

  1. Interviews: Trained interviewers conduct face-to-face interviews with selected households to gather detailed information.
  2. Diaries: Participants may be asked to keep diaries or records of their expenditures for specific periods.
  3. Periodic Follow-ups: Regular follow-ups with participants to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.
  4. Survey Diary App (CE CAPI): In recent years, the BLS introduced a Computer-Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) system for data collection.

Top 3 Consumer Expenditures:

  1. Housing:
  2. Expenses related to rent or mortgage payments, utilities, maintenance, and furnishings.
  3. Transportation:
  4. Costs associated with owning and maintaining vehicles, public transportation, and commuting.
  5. Food:
  6. Expenditures on groceries, dining out, and other food-related expenses.

How to Create a Consumer Expenditure Survey Using the Formplus Template:

  1. Access Formplus Template:
  2. Choose a Consumer Expenditure Survey template from Formplus that aligns with your survey objectives.
  3. Customize Survey Sections:
  4. Modify the template to include specific sections for demographic information, income details, expenditure categories, and other relevant topics.
  5. Include Conditional Logic:
  6. Implement conditional logic to show or hide certain questions based on respondents' previous answers.
  7. Rating Scales (Optional):
  8. Utilize rating scales or Likert scales to measure sentiments or preferences quantitatively.
  9. File Uploads (Optional):
  10. Allow respondents to upload supporting documents or receipts related to their expenditures.
  11. Mobile Responsiveness:
  12. Ensure the survey form is accessible on mobile devices for a broader range of participants.
  13. Sharing Options:
  14. Use Formplus features to share the Consumer Expenditure Survey through email, direct links, or embedded on a website.

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