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Consultation Form Template

Expand your clientele and get connected to new customers with this consultation form. Collect relevant information like the prospective client’s name, contact information, consultation interest, preferred date and time for an appointment, and so on. This information will be useful in tailoring your service to suit each client’s needs. Get started with this free editable template.

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What is a consultation form?

A consultation form is a document clients can fill out before getting a service or product recommendation. It usually consists of a series of questions that would help a service provider determine the most appropriate solution, product, or service for clients.

What should a consultation form include?

The components of a consultation form differ from one industry to the other. As a standard, a good consultation should include questions related to personal information. contact details and details of the specific service or product required, emergency contact, and the expense agreement of the client to receive your service and any potential risks. For medical organizations, details of medical history would be required, for legal entities a history or background to the issue that requires legal intervention. Essentially the details of a consultation are based on your requirements or standards for a product or service.

What is the purpose of a client consultation form?

Ideally, a client consultation aims to offer personalized service to a client in the most appropriate method based on the client’s unique condition/preference.

As a consultant, a consultation form gives you deep insight into what your customers want. This helps your organization provide tailored or custom services to clients, rather than using a one-size-fits-all-all approach. This way you offer a customer experience that keeps clients loyal to your business.

 How do you give a good consultation?

The first step to providing a good consultation is to imbibe active listening, this implies that you are listening to understand and hear what the client is saying both with their verbal and non-verbal communication.

The next step is to use all the information provided without leaving any aspect out to provide a personalized service to the client.

Use both open-ended and close-ended questions to ensure coherence and clarity in whatever information the client is providing.

Lastly, and most importantly communicate expected results set realistic expectations, and meet them.

How do I create a good consultation form?

To save you the hassle of creating a great consultation form from scratch. this consultation form template by Form lets you create a great consultation form in minutes. You only need to sign up with Formplus to access the template library.

  • Select the consultation from the template.
  • Customize it to include fields, and question types and meet your unique preference using the code-free ddag and drop formbuilder.
  • Once you are finished you can share the form with prospective clients by either embedding the form on your website, via an email link, or QR codes.
  • The smart notification features alert you in real-time each time a consultation form is filled and submitted, all in real-time. This way you process and respond to clients in real time.

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