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Free Complaint Form Template

Use Formplus online complaint form template to receive customers complaint or employee feedback about your business or services. You can customise the ready-made form to suit your brand and embed the link on your website, social media pages or simply let customers scan QR code to give you the needed feedback.

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Free Complaint Form Template template

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Tips For Using the Complaint Form Template

A complaint form is a convenient way for customers or employees to voice their dissatisfaction. It improves customer satisfaction while decreasing the likelihood of negative online reviews.

Using complaint forms also prevents negative online reviews and strengthens their loyalty to your brand.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at how to create a complaint form to improve your customer or employee experience.

What Is a Complaint Form?

A complaint form is a document that collects customers' complaints about a product or service. You can also use it to collect employee feedback about the company’s structure and how it affects them.

Complaints forms allow you to gather important information about customers' or employees' issues. It usually includes the date and time of the incident, the employee's name, and a description of the problem.

If it's a payment or delivery complaint, your complaint form should include a file upload field so customers can provide you with receipts to back up their claims.

Benefits of Complaint Forms

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

Complaint forms provide a structured way for customers to voice their concerns. It helps you address their issues in a timely and efficient manner, ultimately improving their experience with your brand.

  • Improved Accountability

Complaint forms can help to increase accountability within your organization, as they provide a clear record of complaints and how they were handled. 

It also helps you identify complaint patterns and find ways to optimize your customer or employee experience. For example, if the majority of customers' complaint is about delayed shipping, you can find ways to improve your delivery speed.

  • Legal Protection

Complaint forms also help to protect your company legally. For example, if a customer or employee sues your company, having a record of their complaint and how it was handled can help you defend your case.

How Do I Create an Online Complaint Form?

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you create an effective complaint form:

  1. Select “Complaint Form” from the Formplus template library.
  2. Next, sign in or create a new Formplus account.
  3. Edit form questions to fit your organization’s needs. You can remove or add new fields from the left-hand side of the builder. 
  4. Save the form.
  5. Customize your form design by changing its theme, adding images, and other branding assets.
  6. Preview the form to ensure that it looks good on all devices (mobile, tablet, and desktop).
  7. Next, choose your preferred form settings- email notifications, autoresponder, third-party integrations, and others. You can integrate your formplus complaint form with your collaboration and productivity tools.
  8. Finally, choose how you want to share the form- Email, website embed, social media, or QR code.


Looking for a more effective way to collect customer or employee complaints, and resolve their issues faster? Get started with the Formplus complaint form template.

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