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Company Registration Form Template

Embed this company registration form template on your website to register new businesses. This registration form is perfect for business directories, clubs, organizations and for government use.

Use this template
Company Registration Form Template template
Mobile-Friendly Forms

Create a mobile-friendly company registration form template with 100% user-responsiveness using Formplus. Formplus forms are adaptable and can be conveniently viewed and filled out using any smart device including smartphones and tablets; without having to pinch out or zoom in on your form. 

The form builder is also user-responsive and can be accessed using any type of internet-enabled device. This means that you can add different form fields to your form, change your form outlook and tweak the overall appearance of your form from the comfort of your smartphone device.

Teams and Collaboration

Formplus has made it even easier for you to collaborate with team members and other stakeholders when creating your company registration form or processing received responses. With the multi-users feature, you can add your team members to a shared Formplus account and work on form folders and responses together. 

An audit trail is used to track any comments or changes made to your form. As the administrator of the shared account, you can grant or restrict access to your form, grant permissions or assign roles to your team members.

Google Sheets Integration

Google sheets integration allows you to instantly update your form data in your Google spreadsheet. Formplus is fully synchronized with Google sheets so that you can conveniently update form responses in your spreadsheet without having to import or export data. 

Formplus makes it easier for you to communicate with your team as you can provide them with real-time updates about the number of businesses filing for registration. You can share, categorize, edit and process form data in your spreadsheet; leading to better information flow.

Embed Forms and Multiple Sharing

For easy access you  can embed your form t in your website directly or by making use of the Formplus plugin in WordPress as a widget. You can also share your form to your organisation's social media pages using the social media direct sharing button in the builder. 

Formplus also allows you to send out email invitations to prospective respondents.You can retrieve the form's QR code and print it on banners or  magazines for your organisation so that respondents simply scan the code to fill out the form.

Conditional Logic and Multi-Page Forms

With conditional logic, you can create a unique path for respondents in your form by hiding or showing form fields based on previous responses. For example, you can ask respondents to indicate their business industry and automatically display fields relating to the specific industry. 

Formplus also allows you to create multiple pages in your form and this makes your company registration form more concise and professional. You can split your form into numerous pages and place related form fields in each page or have one form field per page.

Form Look-up

With form lookup fields, you can scan through previously submitted forms, obtain form data and auto-fill your company registration form with these pieces of information. This makes it easier for business owners to fill out your company registration form in little time. 

The lookup feature can  retrieve different information such as the bio-data of the business owners including their names, age, home and email addresses. To add the lookup field to your company registration form, simply use the drag-and-drop feature in the form builder

Form Fields

With over 30 fields available in the form builder, you can be sure to collect data as you wish in your company registration form. These form fields can be added to your form by clicking on them or dragging and dropping your preferred field into your company registration form from the builder's inputs section. 

Formplus allows you to modify your form fields based on your organization's preferences - you can edit a form field to be hidden or read-only. You can also collect digital signatures of business owners directly in your form by adding the e-signature field to your company registration form.

Autoresponder Emails and Email Notification to others

Get automated email receipt confirmations after every  successful submission is made in your company registration form/

Formplus allows you to send automatic confirmation messages to form respondents immediately a submission is made in your form. You can also send email notifications to others and attach copies of form responses as Word or PDF documents in your mail.

File Uploads and Storage Integrations

You can receive files of any size directly in your company registration form too. Formplus forms can be fitted with file upload fields that support unlimited file uploads so that you can instruct business owners to submit e-copies of important documents as they fill out your form. 

Formplus is integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive external storage systems so that you can save and access all file uploads from your preferred cloud storage. You can easily organise files into folders and share with the rest of your team. 

On-form payments

Collect registration fees directly by adding the payment fields to your company registration form. Currently, Formplus supports Stripe, PayPal and Flutterwave payment gateways so that you can easily link your form to these platforms and receive payments. 

Payments made in Formplus forms are 100% secure so you do not have to bother about compromising your security details. Also, we do not have any hidden charges for 3rd party integrations which means that you do not have to pay extra for facilitating payments in your company registration form.

Form customization

With Formplus, you remain at liberty to tweak your form appearance the way you want. With the various form customization options available in the form builder, you can change your form's background image, add colors and even embed your organization's logo. 

Form customization helps you to create a beautiful company registration form with a more professional outlook; without any need for programming. If you have knowledge of CSS, however, you can change your form layout and even stylize your form to reflect your organization's brand.

Receive Submissions as Docx or PDF

When sending out confirmation emails to form respondents and email notifications to other stakeholders, you can include a copy of the form submission. Formplus allows you to share form submissions as PDF or Docx email attachments; thereby facilitating seamless collaboration within your team and other stakeholders.

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