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Free Club Membership Registration Form Template

Do you have a sports, social or a business club and want to call for new members? Use our club membership registration form template to collect applications from outsiders to join your team. You can embed the online form as iFrame on your club website or share links on social media to encourage responses.

Use this template



Free Club Membership Registration Form Template template



Create Smart Forms

Take advantage of the smart features offered by Formplus to create a user-friendly club membership form. Applicants who don't have immediate answers to some questions can save their progress and resume when they are ready.

There is also a form lookup feature that looks for an applicant's data in the database while it is being entered. For applicants whose details are already available, the form look up will automatically populate the new form with their details.

Teams and Collaboration

Easily review club membership applications by collaborating with team members using Formplus. Add team members as users on your Formplus account and give them access to the submissions made by prospective club members.

Delegate tasks to each team member by granting permissions to selected team members with respect to their role in the team. You can also use the approval and workflow feature to ensure that each team member does his or her job perfectly.

This feature allows you to approve or reject the work done by team members.

File Uploads and Storage Integrations

Collect documents, images, and other data by adding a file upload form field to your club membership form. Prospective club members can easily upload files like a driver's license, identity card,  a video detailing why they want to join the club, etc. as the case may be.

With Formplus’s upload field, respondents can upload files of any size and numerous formats. You can take advantage of any of the free and paid cloud storage plans offered by Formplus, or use any of the 3 supported cold storage services.

Google Sheets Integration

Update your Google Sheets with the details of registered members in real-time. Formplus automatically exports membership registration data into your Google Sheets workspace. 

With Formplus' Google Sheets integration, you can update Google Sheet data without importing or exporting from Formplus 

You can also easily import existing member data from Google Sheets into the Formplus cloud storage.  

Custom Subdomain to Host Forms

Host your club membership form on a custom subdomain with Formplus. Rather than have a randomly generated form link, you can make it more professional by customizing the link with your club name.

This custom subdomain makes you stand out from other clubs and will also make it easy for interested members to find you online. A custom subdomain on Formplus will usually follow the format www.clubname dot

Mobile-friendly Forms

Recruit new members to your club with a mobile-friendly membership form from Formplus. You can use the existing membership form template created by professionals or build your own from scratch in a few easy steps.

Increase response rates on your form by making it mobile-friendly with conditional logic and multi-page forms. With conditional logic, you can prevent your form from being too congested by making some fields hidden until they are proven to be relevant to the respondent. 

Organizing your forms into multiple pages will also help reduce congestion.

Autoresponder Emails and Email Notification to others

Send autoresponder emails to prospective club members immediately they send in their application. This email can be used to let applicants know that their submission has been received and will be treated.

You can create a custom autoresponder email for your club with  links to your social media handles, website, or any other useful link that could help applicants learn more about the membership recruitment process. 

Formplus also allows you to send email notifications to other team members immediately a submission is made on your club membership form.

Versatile Form Fields

Take advantage of the numerous form fields offered by Formplus to ask relevant questions from prospective members. With the 30+ form fields offered by Formplus, there is no limitation to the number of questions that can be asked on your club membership form. 

In addition to personal details, you can collect more information using the table field, multiple-choice questions, etc. The read-only fields are also great for sharing more information about your club with interested members.

Receive Submissions as Docx/Pdf Attachment

Have submissions made to your club membership form sent directly to your mail as a Docx/pdf attachment. With Formplus, you can choose to receive notifications of the submissions made to your membership form in real-time, daily, weekly, or monthly.

The submissions will be attached as a PDF or Docx file and can be shared with any of your team members. You can allow specific team members to receive this email notification. 

Therefore, club membership requests will be attended to on time—immediately the membership form is submitted.

Submission Deadline and Limits

If you recruit members to your club in cohorts, you will have to set a submission deadline for your club membership application. This will enable you to review the applications and recruit members before the next cohort.

When you set a submission deadline for your club membership form, it will be automatically deactivated once the deadline arrives. With Formplus, you don't have to manually deactivate form submission.

You can also set an application limit on your form if you can only accept a limited number of members.

Form Customization - Logo, Preferred colors and Background images

Add your club logo, color, and a preferred background image to your club membership form. This will help visualize your club identity and make your form easily differentiated from that of other clubs.

The Formplus customization options can also be used to beautify your form and give it a more attractive interface. For more customization flexibility, you can add your own custom CSS to the form.

You can also create beautiful forms with the available customization options without any coding experience.

Embed Forms and Multiple Sharing

Embed your club membership on the club's website as an iFrame or share it with prospective club members across different social media platforms. Formplus has multiple sharing options to help you get more people to register as a member of your club.

You can also generate a custom shareable link that can be shared with prospective members through email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. A QR code is automatically generated for your club membership form.

Prefilled Forms and Email Invitation

Inform past applicants when your club membership form is accepting new applications. Formplus allows you to send personalized email invites to prospective club members. 

Give past applicants who were not accepted into the club an opportunity to join by sending them a personalized email invitation. Personalized email invitations sent with Formplus usually link to a prefilled form.

You can prefill the club membership form with the details entered by an applicant in their previous application. They may, however, make necessary changes to the form.

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