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Free Classroom Observation Form Template

The classroom observation form can be used to evaluate the teachers’ teaching methods, presentation methods, etc. With this form, teachers can be assessed based on specific criteria to gauge their effectiveness. The feedback gotten from this observation can be used to improve the teacher’s teaching methods and subject delivery. Provide a better learning experience for students with this free classroom observation form template.

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Free Classroom Observation Form Template template

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Tips For Using the Classroom Observation Form Template


Classroom Observation forms are used to address 4 areas of observation in classroom management and they are;

  • Planning
  • Learning delivery
  • Classroom Management and 
  • Classroom Assessment. 

The idea behind these forms is to help teachers, educators, and visitors from the education board assess and record their observations along these 4 parameters or criteria.

The feedback gathered can then be used to improve learning across these areas. 

In this post, we will define the classroom observation form, show you some examples, and show you how to create a good classroom observation form and write a good observation report.

What is a Classroom Observation Form?

A Classroom observation form is a document used by teachers, school administrators, and the like to record their observations, either during a visit to a school or when administering a lesson. It gives a streamlined framework to observe and evaluate various aspects of lesson delivery and learning and the environment where learning occurs, specifically in a classroom setting. 

It is used by educators, administrators, or evaluators to systematically observe and assess various aspects of teaching and learning in a classroom setting. 

The classroom observation form is also used to measure the teacher's effectiveness in terms of lesson content and delivery. The feedback gathered from the form can be used to improve areas of concern and provide a wholesome learning experience for the students. 

What are Examples of Classroom Observations?

There are various types of classroom observation forms, depending on what you are trying to evaluate. Let's take a look at some examples.

  • General classroom observation form: This is focused on the overall experience in the classroom, such as the way the teachers deliver the lesson, interactions with students, instructional materials, the classroom ambiance, and environment, etc.
  • Lesson-specific observation form: In this type of observation, the goal is to see how a teacher handles a specific subject or lesson to the learners. Factors like the instructional style and the instructional materials are what are assessed.

How Do You Create a Good Classroom Observation Report?

The easiest way to write a good observation report is to use a form that covers all the parameters you are intent on observing. Ideally, your classroom observation form should include the date, time, purpose of the observation, etc. Subheadings like the classroom environment, instructional strategies, student engagement, and classroom management should be included in the form.

 To make things easy for you Formplus has put together this classroom observation form template, that can be easily customized to suit your preference. With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder, you can edit the classroom observation form quickly and easily.

This way, you can focus on just filling the form with your report. along all the categories you have created. While doing this it's important to use clear and easy-to-understand language. Avoid ambiguity in your report and be sure to provide feedback on areas of strength and weaknesses.


Classroom observation forms are used to assess all the activities that take place in a classroom setting, for the sole aim of improving the learner's experience. Formplus has curated a classroom observation form template to help you carry out your classroom observation and write your classroom report with ease. Sign up today to access the easy-to-use customizable classroom observation form template.

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