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Church Sponsorship Form Template

The church sponsorship form is designed to allow individuals become sponsors to applicants. With this form, potential sponsors can fill out their personal details, their relationship with applicants, and so on. Churches can give use this form to gather relevant details on sponsors and their applicants. The information gathered can be stored using the secure Formplus storage. Get started with this sponsorship form today.

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Tips For Using The Church Sponsorship Form Template

A church sponsorship form allows potential sponsors to submit their applications to become a sponsor to an applicant. It minimizes the hassle of sorting through an overwhelming amount of paper applications. 

You can simply scan the responses and extract the information about the sponsor and applicant. It also reduces the church's sponsorship verification delay. 

Using the Formplus church sponsorship form template allows you to set up response notifications that inform you of new submissions, allowing you to process them more quickly.

Here’s a guide to help you create a church sponsorship form seamlessly with Formplus.

How Do I Make a Sponsor Form?

1. Sign up for a Formplus account or log in to your existing account.

2. Go to the templates gallery and search for "church sponsorship form".

3. Select the template and click on "Use this template".

4. Edit and customize the form questions and design.

5. Set up notifications and other settings

6. Share the form via email, social media, or QR code, or embed it on your website.

What Is Church Sponsorship?

A church sponsorship is a partnership between a church and an individual or organization that provides financial or in-kind support to the church, its members, or a church-related event. It helps fund church activities, community outreach programs, mission trips, and other initiatives.

What Do You Put on a Sponsorship Application?

  • Applicant and Sponsor information: Name, address, phone number, email, and other relevant details
  • Relationship between applicant and sponsor
  • Applicant description
  • Signature
  • Additional information: Provide any other information that could be relevant to the sponsorship request, such as previous sponsors, partnerships, or endorsements.

How Do You Write a Sponsorship Letter for a Church Event?

A sponsorship letter is a formal request that a church sends to potential sponsors to ask for their support for a specific event or activity. A sponsorship letter should include the following elements:

- A salutation that addresses the potential sponsor by name or title.

- An introduction that briefly explains who you are and what your church does.

- A body that describes the event or activity that you are organizing and why it is important for your church and the community.

- A request that clearly states what kind of support you are asking for and how it will benefit both parties.

- A closing that thanks the potential sponsor for their consideration and provides your contact details for further communication.

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