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Free Church Membership Form Template

Use this church membership form to easily collect details and bio-data from the members of your church and profile them accordingly. This membership form template will help you to gather all necessary information through dynamic form fields that can easily be dragged and dropped into your form. You can also use this template to effectively organise donations and sponsorship requests from your congregation. Embed the Formplus church membership form template in your website, share the form URL via email invitation or edit it to suit your religious body's peculiar needs.

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Free Church Membership Form Template template

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Embed Forms and Multiple Sharing

With our multiple form sharing options, you are sure to connect with prospective form respondents with little or no hassles. You can download, print and share your form’s QR code with form respondents so that they scan to fill or send out email invitations. 

You can also embed your form in your organisation’s website so that it displays as an iFrame or web pop-up. In addition, Formplus has a WordPress plugin that allows you to add forms to your organisation’s website through a widget.  

Autoresponder Emails and Email Notification to Others

You can notify form respondents of successful form submissions immediately by sending out autoresponders. Auto-responders enable you to send out unique messages to form respondents upon successful form submission, and in many cases, they contain information on the next steps to be taken. 

Formplus also allows you to send email notifications to other parties listed in a church membership form such as referees and next of kin, and to attach a copy of the submitted form responses. You can go a step further to include specific form fields in the email

Teams and Collaboration for Administrative Purposes

Teams and collaboration in Formplus allows you and your team members to work on data collection and analysis together; with regards to your church membership form. To do this, you need to add important team members and collaborators to your shared Formplus account. 

As an admin of a shared Formplus account, you can restrict access to form data and grant permissions too. Formplus has an audit trail that enables you to track any changes made by team members to your church membership form.

Prefilled Forms and Email Invitation

Collect more accurate form responses by sharing a custom prefilled church membership form template with your congregation and other form respondents. Form prefill allows you to automatically fill out form fields with data gathered via unique URL parameters, and this helps to improve your form responses. 

Sharing your church membership form's unique URL as an email invitation allows you to effectively track all responses and prevent multiple submissions in your form. With email invitation, you will know when a respondent fills out your form and you can prevent him or her from accessing the form template again. 

Smart Forms: Form Lookup, Save and Resume, Digital Signatures

Don't just create basic church membership form templates; spice up your data collection process with Formplus smart forms. Formplus allows you to do more with your church membership form such as populating your forms with previously submitted responses, collecting digital signatures and enabling "save and resume". 

Add lookup fields to your form to fill out form fields with previously submitted responses. Form lookup links your church membership form with earlier received form data and it automatically fills out the new form with this previously submitted information. 

Formplus allows you to collect digital signatures in your form by adding the e-signature field to your church membership form in the form builder. Simply click on or drag and drop the signature field directly in your form without any hassles. 

With the "save and continue later" option, form respondents do not have to fill out your church membership form template at once. They now have the option of saving partially completed forms and resume filling out your form at a later date.

Form respondents receive the unique URL to their partially-completed church membership template via email and they can access and complete the form at a later time.

Receive Submissions as Docx or PDF

Formplus allows you to include a copy of the form submission as a PDF or Word attachment in your email notifications to team members and form respondents. Sharing form submissions as email attachments is a great way to keep up communications within and outside your team. 

Tips for Using the Church Membership Form Template


Are looking to attract new members to your forum and you are trying to figure out the best way to get it done? Look no further, Formplus has got you covered. Our membership form templates are ready to use and customizable based on your preference. You can collect all the information you want from your proposed members irrespective of their location, and accept membership fees via a payment integration platform directly to your bank account. 

Best of all, the membership forms are code-free and all you need to do is embed them into your website or social media channels and voila, you are good to go!

How Do You Create a Membership Form?

First impression matters and the way you create your membership forms can provide insight into the way your organization is run. Hence, it's best to refrain from membership application/registration forms in Word or PDF formats, as this means your forms have to be printed and distributed physically which limits your reach. 

The best solution is an online membership form, and Formplus has made the process a piece of cake. To create your membership form, all that is required is for you to sign up here for free to use any of our pre-existing, ready-to-use membership forms templates. 

The templates can be edited to include any other field you want to be covered in your membership form. Membership fees, donations, or any other dues can be collected via our membership form.

 In addition, the membership forms can be distributed via an array of sharing options; from QR codes to email links, embedding it on your website or social media channels - it's all sorted with Formplus membership forms.

What Should Be on a Membership Form?

Ideally, the components of a membership form vary from one organization to another, however, there is a general standard acceptable for a membership form. You can now decide to build or expand on that based on your unique requirements.

The components  of the membership form are ;

  • The type of membership and the requirements to join (education, designation, work experience, etc)
  • The applicable membership fees
  • Terms and conditions
  • Bio Data
  • Contact Information

What is the Membership Application Form?

A membership application form (or membership form) is a document created by organizations to gather required or relevant information from aspiring members. It usually contains requirements, personal information, and any other details needed to qualify for acceptance. The essence is to provide the necessary information to attract new members and also know if the prospective members meet all the criteria necessary for acceptance into the organization.

What is Membership Registration?

Organizations use a membership registration form to collect information from prospective members who have met the terms required to join a group or a forum. The membership registration form confirms an acceptance into the organization. 


With any of the free membership application or registration forms templates, you can collect all the information you need from your intended members on your website today. 

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