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Candidate Evaluation Form Template

Make better hiring decisions in your company with this candidate evaluation form. Perfect for recruiters and HR professionals, this free form template can be used to evaluate a candidate based on different criteria. The feedback gotten from this evaluation form can be used to determine if the candidate is a good fit for the company. Start hiring highly skilled employees with this free template.

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Candidate Evaluation Form Template template

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Candidate Evaluation Form Template

What is a candidate evaluation form?

A candidate evaluation form is a document used by HR teams to measure or rate the suitability of job applicants for a role. Certain parameters based on the job functions are set and the candidate is rated against these established benchmarks. With a candidate evaluation form organizations provide a transparent way of hiring candidates and justify their selection process with the details captured on a candidate evaluation form. 

How to fill out a candidate evaluation form?

Use the job requirements to outline the criteria for qualification, such as soft skills and job qualifications, cultural fit, etc.

Rate the candidate qualitatively or quantitatively based on your assessment and record your conclusions on the form.

Make your final submissions and recommendations that would be used to guide the final selection.

How do you evaluate a candidate?

Candidates are usually evaluated along the lines of experience, and knowledge of the job. soft skills, the cost to the company, and suitability or alignment with the value and company culture.

How do I create a candidate evaluation form?

  • Define the criteria that would have to be met to fill a job role, with specific rating scales.
  • Next, you sign up for Formplus.
  • Select the candidate evaluation form templates for the template library.
  • Customize the form with the drag-and-drop form builder to include the criteria you want. You can also personalize the form to match your company brand.
  • Once you are done you can share the form with members of your team via a QR code, email links, or simply embed the form on your websites.
  • The team collaboration feature allows multiple users to evaluate the candidates and the same time and you can see each other submissions even as they are being inputted.

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