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Caloric Calculator For Fat Loss Form Template

The caloric calculator for fat loss can be used to calculate calories gained or lost over a specific period. With this form, patients can fill out their personal details and health information. The results gotten can be used to make healthy choices. This calculator can also be personalised by using the Formplus simple editing tools to include your logo and brand colours. Get started with this calculator today.

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Caloric Calculator For Fat Loss Form Template template

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Tips For using the Caloric Calculator For Fat Loss Form Template

Want to create calculation forms without the hassle of coding or complex spreadsheet formulas? Calculation form templates allow you to easily build forms with question validation fields, logic, and payment solutions.

Calculation forms allow you to create more dynamic and interactive forms with mathematical operations. Find out more about calculation forms and how to effortlessly create them with Formplus.

What Is a Calculation Form?

Calculation forms allow you to perform calculations based on the data you provide. It can be used to calculate the total cost of an order, determine the price of a product based on its features, or estimate the cost of a project based on its specifications.

Calculation forms are typically used to collect data from respondents and then perform automatic calculations based on that data. The calculation's output is displayed in real-time, making it a useful tool for making decisions and completing transactions.

You can use calculation forms such as payment processing, loan applications, budgeting, and more. Using calculation forms allows you to save time and reduce errors that may occur when performing calculations manually.

How Do I Add a Calculated Field to a Form?

  1. Go to the Formplus calculation form templates page.
  2. Select the type of form you need.
  3. Click on the question block where you want to add the calculated field.
  4. Click “add calculation” 
  5. Specify the formula and fields that you want to use for the calculation. You can use existing questions as part of your calculation.
  6. Click on “ view calculations” to see how your calculated field will look in your form.
  7. If you're happy with the result, click on "Save".

Can You Have Calculated Fields in Forms?

Yes, you can have calculated fields in forms. Calculated fields allow you to perform mathematical operations based on your input, and display the result in real-time. 

Calculated fields allow you to specify the formula for the calculation, which can include values from other fields in the form, and mathematical operators such as +, -, *, /, and %.

When a respondent submits the form, the calculated field will perform the calculation automatically based on the data entered, and display the result to the respondent in real-time. For example, you can use calculated fields to display the total cost of an order or the estimated shipping time for a package order.


Adding calculated fields to your form can help you provide responsive and user-friendly survey and order forms. So if you’re thinking of adding calculated fields to your next form, use Formplus's user-friendly and customizable calculation form templates.

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