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Call Center Evaluation Form Template

The call centre evaluation form is an assessment tool that is used to assess the efficiency and performance of a call agent. With this form, agents can be evaluated based on their customer interaction and adherence to company policies and rules. The feedback gotten from the survey can be used improve performance and recognize hardworking agents. Get started with this template today.

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Call Center Evaluation

What Is a Call Evaluation Form?

A call evaluation is a document used to evaluate the performance of a call center agent. It usually consists of a set of questions or answers that look at different aspects of how an agent interacts with customers. 

The form may also provide a scoring system to quantify the agent's performance.

How Do You Write a Call Center Evaluation Form?

The simplest way to design an evaluation form is by using a pre-designed template. All you have to do is tweak a few things and you’re good to go.

  1. Go to the Formplus call center evaluation template.
  2. Customize the form design to fit your organization by changing its fonts, colors, and layout.
  3. Share your form with customers via email, or social media, or embed it on a webpage.
  4. Collect and analyze responses to improve your agent's performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Call Center Evaluation

Call center evaluation offers several benefits to businesses, including:

Improved customer satisfaction: It helps you to identify and address performance challenges. It also allows you to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased productivity: When call center agents review their performances, they identify their weaknesses and make adjustments. This will help them process inquiries quickly and efficiently, resulting in better productivity and fewer calls.

Reduced costs: Identifying and addressing agent performance issues can help reduce costs associated with customer complaints, rework, and lost opportunities.

Enhanced employee development: Call center evaluation also provides valuable insights into employee strengths and areas for improvement, informing training and development initiatives.

How Do You Score a Call Center Agent?

The scoring system for call center agents typically involves assigning numerical values or ratings to each evaluation criterion. These scores are then aggregated to provide an overall assessment of the agent's performance. The specific scoring methodology may vary depending on the company's preferences and the complexity of the evaluation form.

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