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Free Call Back Request Form Template

Schedule a call back to follow-up business leads or enquiries with Formplus’ online call back request form template. You can embed call back form on your website or allow your assistant to store and follow-up need data online. Fulfil your call back appointment with this template or signup to create request a call back form with our easy to use drag and drop form builder

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Free Call Back Request Form Template template

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Form customization - logo and preferred colors and background images

Build a better connection with your clients by adding a visual representation of your brand to your callback request form. Adding your logo, brand color, and a background image that depicts your brand will help clients become more familiar with your brand.

With the inbuilt customization option offered by Formplus, you are only a few clicks away from building a memorable brand. You can create a more unique callback request form with the CSS feature which allows you to add your own lines of code.

Google Sheets Integration

Update your Google Sheets workbook in real-time with callback requests made through your form. With Formplus-Google Sheets integration, this process is automated.

You don’t have to go through the demanding process of exporting data from your Formplus account and importing into Google Sheets. You can also link your existing Google Sheets data with your Formplus account.

This can easily be done by connecting your Google account with Formplus.

Create Mobile-Friendly Forms

It is very likely that most of your clients will be carrying out the callback requests on their mobile devices, creating the need for a mobile-friendly callback request form. The Formplus callback form template is optimized to serve this purpose.

This will help create a friendly experience for clients who will be making a call back request on their mobile device. With Formplus, clients are not the only one who enjoys the mobile-friendliness.

You can also create a callback form on the go using your mobile phone.

Embed form in websites and multiple form sharing options

Share your callback request form across various platforms to increase visibility and acquire more customers. Formplus allows you to embed your callback form on your website, WordPress included.

You can also share the link on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. A QR code is also generated for each form created on Formplus for respondents to scan and fill.

This feature is accessible in the Share tab on the Form builder menu.

Prefilled forms and email invitations

Ease the process of filling out callback forms for your existing clients by prefilling the form with their details. You can let your clients know that they can request a callback by sending them a personalized email invitation to fill your callback form.

Formplus takes clients’ existing data (names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) and prefills the form with it. Once a client clicks on the link sent to their mail, they will see that some of the form fields have been prefilled.

A prefilled form will help increase the completion rate of your callback form.

Custom Subdomain to host forms

Personalize your callback request form with a custom subdomain that has your business name. Rather than use the automatically generated Formplus subdomain, you can make your form stand out with this editable domain feature.

This gives a structure to all your forms and makes them easily distinguishable or accessible by your clients. A custom subdomain with your brand name is also good for search engine optimization.

For example, if your brand name is Speed Bot you can have a callback request form with the domain name

Tips for Using the Call Back Request Form

Request a call back immediately with this sample template. Start by modifying this form to fit the details you’d want to receive. You can change these fields with the simple drag and drop editor. Next, change the design to fit your preferred style by using a preset theme or custom CSS. 

Get notified when your clients request a call back by turning on email notifications from the settings page. You can also acknowledge every request with an autoresponder email. Simply set up your message on the form settings page.

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